An Interview with Shubham Arora

May 4, 2013

An interview with Shubham Arora, a writer, an engineer and a true Punjabi at heart. People know Shubham Arora as an author of his first book – Love Chemistry released in 2011. With his second book released recently One Last Time, we came to know that he’s a huge fan of Technology and also likes to create short movies at his leisure time. One Last Time, a story that will drive you through the distance, love and chances.

IndiaBookStore is delighted to have an insightful conversation with him to know him even better as a person and a writer of two much-admired books.

‘Love Chemistry’ and ‘One Last Time’, two books on love, life and much more. Tell us about your take on the release of two books in the years gone by.
A-   Actually, ‘Love Chemistry’ was never released. It was bumped onto me one day and I got to know then that my book was finally out in the market. ‘One Last Time’ had a formal launch in Delhi and it was pretty good. Since the launch, I have given my all to impress people by showing off both the books.  Sadly, it hasn’t yielded the desired results so far.

One Last Time – What made you choose the title?
A- ‘Just one last time’- That’s a David Guetta song. I removed ‘just’ and that was it- the name of my book. On a serious note, the idea was suggested by a friend and it formed the essence of the story really well. So, I went ahead with it.

It is quite painful to see the characters quite accident prone in your second book. What was the thought behind with so many tragedies?
A- I guess we all are accident prone in our lives. It’s just that we define our definitions for tragedies differently. For some, suicide is a tragedy. For others, failing an exam is a tragedy. So, it is fair enough writing a book with some tragedies because it reflects the reality.

Ambala. New Delhi. New York. Do you have to travel often considering the places, events and characters involved in the storyline?
A- Out of the three places in the book, I have never been to New York and I have only been once to Ambala. But then it is not writing if done without imagination. You keep searching for sources when you are writing a book. Like for New York, I had to switch on my play station and play a couple of hours of Spiderman to get hold of the city. And yes, Google Street is always a savior. It is a disadvantage that I do not like travelling.

Paper Clip Publication’s note says you had two endings in your mind for ‘One Last Time’. Would you highlight us on the idea of picking up the desired ending?
A- Naman Kapur (Paper Clip publications) helped me with it. He fine tuned it a little; we asked a few people and decided on it. With things like these, you mostly go with your instincts.

Considering “Chemical Engineering is a complete super nerdy waste of time“- Do you see writing as a career?
A- I love writing. But to be taking it up as a career will require me to write continuously and under deadlines. I absolutely hate that. For the moment, I don’t think writing will take up my full time job. But you can never predict the future!

Other than just writing a story line for the book, do you agree that the role of publishers, editors and other essential components play a significant role in making its strong existence in the market and the readers?
A- Publications play a huge role. You have a good book but if it isn’t marketed and distributed well, it is all a failed process. With Paper Clip books, it was all a very satisfying experience. Once again, Naman was very instrumental in the entire process and guided me throughout being very fair and transparent.

Book Trailers are trending these days. Do you see yourself indulging into making short stories for your books in future?
A- I have already made a few experimental short films on some of my short stories. Filming something based on a novel will require huge efforts. I hope someday some director finds my books worth that effort.

What is the most challenging part of writing for you?
A-   The beginning. And then to set yourself on a constant plot.

What are your plans on the next theme for your writing piece?
A- I am fiddling with a few ideas currently. Once I get the visualization, I’ll begin penning it down.

Thank you very much Mr. Arora for your generosity to take out some time from your work for IndiaBookStore and for all our readers. We wish you all the best for your next potential bestseller.

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