5 Best Books for Healthy Vegetarian Recipes
Article / April 11, 2019

Today’s fast-paced life leaves very little time for us to think about our health. The body is the most important asset we are born with and this is what stays with us till the end of life.
A deeper understanding of food and how to eat them is required to lead a healthier life. Below is a list of 5 books that will help you learn better about vegetarian recipes and also explain how food interacts with our body.

Book Excerpt – Winning Like Sachin by Devendra Prabhudesai
Article / April 26, 2018

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. – Joseph Campbell   The book 'Winning Like Sachin' showcases and illustrates the various attributes of that make Sachin Tendulkar the role model, n Read the excerpt from the 5th chapter of the book. (To buy, Winning Like Sachin at the best price, click here.) DO WHAT YOU DO BEST… The fact that Sachin scored over 1,000 runs in both forms of the game in the calendar year of 1997 did nothing to dispel the claims of his detractors that he had not been batting at his best while leading. On 2 January 1998, he underwent the mortification of learning from the media that he was no longer the captain. Any lesser mortal in his position could have sulked and brooded for days, but Sachin chose to handle the situation by reminding himself of who he was. He tackled the situation by returning to his roots and making up his mind to concentrate on doing what he did best. While he had done all that he could to turn things around for his team as a captain, he had never been obsessed with that role. What he loved over and above…

Hooked by Nir Eyal – The compressed version
Uncategorized / February 2, 2018

Hooked by Nir Eyal is a book on understanding behavioral designs. The Hook Model explained in the book, is a framework based on human psychology and a close examination of today's most successful habit forming prodcuts. Below are the notes that I took during my second read of the book. The notes have helped me revisit concepts whenever I needed. I am pleased to share with you my personal notes so that you can save time and also learn the Hook Model. Pointers :   1. The piece below includes all the concepts in the book, along with examples.  2. It takes lot lesser to read this than actual book but be assured that you won't miss anything.  3. While reading, do the activities listed in 'Do this now' OR do it at some point to better understand the Hook Model. 4. This is not a summary, and its fairly a long read. Read carefully and enjoy.     INTRODUCTION : THE HOOKED MODEL Through consecutive Hook cycles, successful products reach their ultimate goal of unprompted user engagement, bringing users back repeatedly, without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.  The four steps of the hook model provide the framework for creating a behavioural cycle for users…

Book Excerpt – Mahatma on The Pitch by Kausik Bandyopadhyay
Article / September 29, 2017

Did Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ever play cricket?

Were there any connections between Gandhi and cricket during the high tide of national movement? 

The book, Mahatma on The Pitch, tries to find answers to these apparently quirky questions by exploring the untold relationship between Mahatma Gandhi, and Indian cricket.

Read the excerpt from the 3rd chapter of the book.

Excerpt from Film Director Tanuja Chandra’s New Book – Bijnis Woman
Uncategorized / May 7, 2017

Tanuja Chandra, A known name in Bollywood as a director, is debuting in book writing with Bijnis Woman. Tanuja, sibling of Vikram Chandra and Anupama Chopra, has been in directorship role since 1998. She has directed movies like Dushman, Sur, Sangharsh, Zindagi Rocks.  Backed by Penguin India Publishing, Bijnis Woman is a collection of short stories covering people of every stratum of UP society. The book brings to the fore the hurdles and humour of the past, while initiating conversation on matters of the present. Excerpt from Bijnis Woman:  They never discovered where Ranvir was through the night; he would step to the front door the next morning,hardly aware where he had been. He slept right through the desperate screams which went on for an hour as his familywatched, shamefaced. Thakur Rajpal couldn’t help but feelpity for this girl in her crazed, unhinged state, shouting so violently he thought she would faint. The blame would be his to shoulder if something were to happen to her; would she be at his gates still when the sun was up, wasn’t it wrong, shutting his door on a helpless girl, alone in the night? He had never faced such embarrassment. Her inconsolable, unstoppable screams…

World Book Fair Delhi 2014 in Photos
Article / February 17, 2014

Hung out at the World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan, Delhi, for couple of hours on 15th Feb. Heavy rains just a day before the inauguration of the fair showed its affect in the morning, though crowd started showing up by noon. Going around the whole arena wasn’t possible in a day, so here I would like to share what caught my eye!! Penguin Random House Booth Comics / Graphic Novel Section @Penguin Random House Amazon India Booth : Kindle, books, Associate Corner Amazing book covers at Asian educational services stall Release of Coffee Table Book ‘Horn Please’ – 1st book on Trucking An interesting booth by Quixot Publications, Children books corner Raj Comics Display, don’t you want to grab them all !! We bought 30 of those !!!!!! A view of Hindi Books Publications Booths How about reading Fifty Shades of Gray, in hindi And what about this one A click from a biography on Mr. Arvind Kejriwal What a pose Mr. Vishwas Reminded me of those dramatic titles

Gift Ideas for Bookworms
Article / November 1, 2013

The true bookworm (or book-lion, to use the politically correct modern term!) disdains flowers, perfumes, chocolates, T-shirts; yet s/he is far too particular to risk gifting a book to! So we’ve found some stuff calculated to melt the true book addict’s heart, without the risk of stepping on their toes. Whether you’re hunting for gifts for the casual reader or the fanatical bookworm, you’re sure to find some great gift ideas below!