You Better Watch Out!
Article / January 30, 2013

Gear up! For your favorite read from last season could be hitting the silver screen this year. While not every movie is a Lord of the Rings nor is every other director a Francis Ford Coppola, but there is that one Life of Pi every year which brings lovable characters and great stories to life. While 2012 saw some great books being brought to the theatres as some good and some not so great movies, the year 2013 is going to be no different with both the oldies and the newer brigade of writers providing fodder for cinema goers. So here goes a list of some of books that will come to life this year – high time to start brushing up on the story line again! The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald A personal favorite that I’m really looking forward to is The Great Gatsby, a six-time cinematic adaptation of the Scott Fitzgerald novel, slated for a summer release. With Hollywood biggies like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and our very own Amitabh Bachchan on the star cast, the movie promises to be personify the jazz and the beauty of the what is regarded as one of the best works…

Where literature lovers unite…The Jaipur Literature Festival
Article / January 25, 2013


Its that time of the year again when authors and literature lovers from all over the country and beyond descend at the historic Diggi Palace in Jaipur for the largest and most prestigious literature festival in Asia-Pacific: The Jaipur Literature Festival. Into its sixth year now, the annual festival has already gained great prestige and fame for bringing together some of the most brilliant thinkers and writers from all over the world for interactive sessions, debates, talks and readings.

Illustrative English Literature: Literary Schools & Movements
Article / January 15, 2013

Be it surprisingly or appallingly, the previous issue relived seven centuries of English literature’s history in less than seven minutes. Be it ambition or greed, this issue aims to involve you in ten major Literary schools and movements in less than ten minutes. Come feed your eyes on this fast food and tell us which school or movement makes you feel good.


Bookish Resolutions for New Year
Article / January 11, 2013

Open sky, open book, and a well-read New Year My list of resolutions have the staples – lose weight, sleep early, not use credit card must like a tissue paper to wipe off early sprouting of greed, cook more, eat less, walk more, talk less, etc. And I know exactly where these resolutions will land up in the middle of January. (They will be neatly listed on fancy stationery, with none of the items crossed off.) But somewhere inside me my conscience is whimpering, “Have some scruples!” Hence, I’m putting down some resolutions that I can actually see myself working on. Get with it My first resolution is to see what the fuss is about all those books that get written in series, i.e. – Fifty Shades, Harry Potter, Twilight etc. The truth is, I have never been a ‘Second book of the series’ kind of person. I don’t see the merit of writing in series. If you couldn’t manage to tell a story in a book, then just shut up and rest. I mean, stories dealing with philosophy, free will and drama extensively got written in one book The Brothers Karamazov. Stories of families and cultures heaving through a long…

Book Resolutions for 2013
Article / January 5, 2013

Every year this time round, we make certain “firm” decisions that we swear we’d stick to in the coming year. Whether we do stick or not is something that usually contributes to the guilt we feel every time we hear the phrase “New Year Resolution.”

2012: The year that went by~
Article / January 1, 2013

Though the end of a calendar year tends to be a rather arbitrary point in the timeline of the world,
the fact that it marks a momentary break for most people makes it as good a time as any to look back
on the recent past. We have tried to do a fairly good job of boiling down the last 12 months to the
moments that are most worth remembering in the literary world.

This Christmas lets make a change
Article / December 25, 2012


Season’s greetings to all the readers! It’s almost Christmas and the holiday cheer is pervading one and all. Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Christ which serves as a reminder of everything good and all things giving.

The Experience of Buying Books Online
Article / December 24, 2012

  Ever felt this craving to possess a book? Ever gone hunting for it all over the city? And ever been disappointed at not finding it? Well… here’s a simpler alternative, that won’t take you much time and will also get you what you want as well… ONLINE SHOPPING!

Notes from a Book fair
Article / December 21, 2012

My association with the book fair goes back to the days when I have just started bearing the idea of what books were. I was born in a typical Kolkata family where books are valued and archived.

Illustrative English Literature : Issue #1
Article / December 19, 2012

It’s found that whenever one attempts to travel through the realms of English literature, they often and inevitably get to face the mighty mountains of English history which are not so mountable.