Life of Pi -Paper to pixel, joy intact
Article / December 18, 2012

Comparison is futile. Comparison is, however, inevitable.

‘Life of Pi’ is originally a novel written by the Spanish author, Yann Martel. It is almost a fable having an Indian boy at its helm. His family decides to relocate to Canada for a better future for them when emergency is imposed in India but unfortunately their ship wrecks during the voyage. His father owned a zoo in Pondicherry and expected a better market in America for his animals and so, were travelling in a cargo ship along with the animals.

Graphic Novels : Picture Speaks More than Words
Article / December 11, 2012

Today’s new era of literature is full of possibility for different opportunities. Books are not only “paragraph” now. It’s more of a representation that a reader would be able to understand to the very core.

Turning off Lights Can’t Stop Me from Reading
Article / December 1, 2012

The bookish never bend. The society might deny them their fundamental right of having light at night, but they are unstoppable. Their desire to read is more powerful than the society’s nighttime anti-illumination laws. Here are some tools to help you resist those lazy and unimaginative people who don’t read but sleep by night.

Cyrus Broacha, Better Comic Actor or Author
Article / November 23, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Cyrus Broacha since a long time.  Ever since I saw him doing his thing on MTV Bakra, I have been fascinated with his impeccable comic timing and sense of humour. When I saw him on The Week That Wasn’t on CNN-IBN, I knew that I would never get enough of his antics.

The other side of the tale:Feminist revisions of the epics
Article / November 11, 2012

The princess retells her tale:Feminised interpretations of Indian epics

Is it not an oddity that thousands of women all over our country are named Sita, but Draupadi is deemed inauspicious? It is a matter of culture and tradition, and also how the great epics and their politics are inextricably bound with our society. It is no secret that epics have not been kind to women.

Fight for the Crown: Rowling’s Causal Vacancy vs. James’ Fifty Shades
Article / November 8, 2012

Click for latest prices of Casual Vacancy Click for latest prices of Fifty Shades of Gray   J.K. Rowling’s entry into the adult world with her new novel for “grown-ups”, ‘The Casual Vacancy’ has knocked off the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James from the numero uno position on almost every best seller list. Serious competition is brewing between the two books to engage more readers. While debutant author James is silently enjoying the acclaim of the masses, seasoned novelist J.K. Rowling (the creator of Harry Potter) is greatly amused by the success of the Fifty Shades trilogy. In a recent interview Rowling talked about how her new novel is a complete break from the wizarding world and advices against children below the age of 15 reading it. The Casual Vacancy is a book which is morbid in some places, surprisingly funny in others and tugs at your heart strings as it deals with issues like teenage sex, domestic abuse, drug addiction and the underlying politics of it all. The novel begins with the death of a local council member which triggers a series of events which leaves the entire town staggered. At a time where Fifty Shades of Grey…

Release : The Bankster by Ravi Subrahmanian
Article / October 19, 2012

Author: Ravi Subrahmanian
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Year: 2012
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This is a big day for the book lovers in India. Especially,for those who love to read thrillers. The word "thrillers" reminds us a person who is recently ruling the book market in India. It is none other than Mr.Ravi Sbrahmanian. It is the long awaited release of his "The Bankster" that makes today special for many.