An interview with Tania James, on her experience at Jaipur Literary Festival
Authors Exclusive / January 24, 2013

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Tania James is one of the latest additions to the shining brand of authors who represent the country’s endless prowess in literature. Writing stories that both innovative and heartfelt James creates her own benchmark. She currently teaches creative writing at George Washington University. As she prepares to attend the Jaipur Literary Festival, India Bookstore tried to get a glimpse of it. Excerpts from an interview:

An Interview with Preeti Shenoy
Authors Exclusive / December 12, 2012

Blogging, writing, poetry, painting- Preeti Shenoy does it all with equal ease. We catch up with the ‘mother of two’ whose books have topped the national bestselling charts. Your first book 34 Bubblegums and Candies was a collection of narratives based on real life incidents. What was the inspiration to start penning down these incidents? I started blogging to get over the grief of losing my father. Initially when I wrote it was for myself – as an outlet to express my grief and thoughts. I found that a lot of people were moved by what I had written and wrote back to me saying they were positively impacted by what I had written. My fan base grew over a period of time and a lot of my diehard fans asked me write a book. That is how 34 B&C was born. It is a book of 34 real life incidents that have taken place in my friends and my lives which are equally applicable in everyone’s day to day lives. I was very pleased with the response to the book. I had also thought it would appeal only to a very young audience, but was pleasantly surprised to find…

An Interview with Mr. Virender Kapoor
Authors Exclusive / November 25, 2012

He is a prominent educationist, management practitioner, motivational speaker and a writer with various books under his belt. He writes on topics like motivation, leadership, success and his books have been translated in more than 8 languages. He has also written a series of school books on the topic of Emotional Intelligence and Value Education which  are being introduced in schools this year. He has also started a PG Management institution in Pune called MILE (Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence) with the aim of developing next generation managers with excellent leadership skills for our country. It is our pleasure to present an interview with Mr Virender Kapoor. His Famous Works : The Rise & Rise of Jugaad        The Art of Effective Leadership                Heart over Matter                                                                                      Please tell us more about the kind of books that you write. Writing is my Passion and I love it. I started writing on technology…

Mitch Albom
Authors Exclusive / November 18, 2012

Born: May 23, 1958, Passaic, New Jersey, U.S.
Genre: Non-fiction, Young-adult fiction, Religious Literature
Nationality: American

About him…

Mitchell David a.k.a Mitch Albom is an American author, also ventured into other creative fields as a musician, journalist, screenwriter, dramatist, radio host and television broadcaster. He’s the man with inspirational creation.

Eduardo Galeano
Authors Exclusive / October 30, 2012

Born : September 3, 1940 in Uruguay Genre : Fiction, history, journalism Nationality : Uruguayan Tweet-ing at : EduardoGaleano     About him When Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez gifted Open Veins of Latin America to his American counterpart Barack Obama in 2009 it became an act of great political significance. Open Veins is a chronicling of centuries of exploitation of the Latin American land and people by various imperialist and capitalist enterprises from all over the world, the United States being a leader in that field in the recent past. This was also the entry of Eduardo Galeano into the reading lists of a vast majority of the English-speaking world. This is not to undermine Galeano’s fame among Spanish speakers but only a testament to that quality of his writing which speaks to anyone who reads it. He was born Eduardo Hughes Galeano in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he started his career as a political cartoonist. He went on to become the editor of two highly politically driven papers until his name was added to the hunting lists of the various dictatorial military rules in the continent. He was forced to flee, first his country and then Argentina, in order to…

Chetan Bhagat
Authors Exclusive / October 19, 2011

Though Bhagat’s novels have more of a commercial taste than literary, he has been a tremendous influence on the national mind. Indeed his writing has played the major role behind his growing fame. Also his speeches and articles on present-day issues have contributed in that matter.