Review : David Copperfield

December 7, 2012
Author: Charles Dickens
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780194792196
Rating: ★★★★☆
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Davy for the Peggotty Family, Trot for Aunt Betsey, Doady for Dora, Daisy for Steerforth , Copperfield for the Micawber Family and Trotwood Copperfield for some – David Copperfield , the blunderstone born optimistic , diligent and perserving character happens to be the main protagonist of this first person narrated eighth novel from the works of the great author Charles Dickens . The story revolves around David, elucidating us about the ups and downs endured by him. The story spotlights the various facets of the life of David Copperfield, starting from his childhood to his maturity.

This naïve boy from Blunderstone near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England had to face many atrocities throughout his entire life. It all started with his dear mother remarrying Edward Murdstone. David had every reason to loathe both his step-father and his step-sister Jane Murdstone. The main antagonist of the novel Edward Murdstone was atrocious enough to forsake little David of his dainty childhood, rather changed it into a dreary, rather morose one, making life hell for him. Mr.Murdstone was also quite nonchalant to send David to Salem House, run by the dictatorial headmaster – Mr. Creakle .All this augmented to the perpetual torments faced by David.

But, sadly this was not the end of his sufferings. Several other vile characters such as Jane Murdstone and Uriah Heep also supplemented to the same. Jane, the cruel spinster sister of David was astute enough to become the “Confidential Friend “of David’s first wife Dora Spenlow, encouraging the problems arising between David and Dora’s father. We also have another contemptible man – Uriah Heep, the main antagonist of the second half of the book, who was very guile to hide his wicked and twisted character underneath the mask of humbleness. This vile personality was brought to limelight by Mr. Wilkins Micawber, who caught Heep of stealing Mrs. Betsey Trotwood’s money to gain power over Mr. Wickfield and many others.

David’s life also had its pleasantries, besides its miseries. He had his dear mother, the pegotty family , the micawber family , his love and first wife Dora , his childhood friend and mentor Agnes , his buddies at the Salem House – Steerforth and Traddles , Aunt Betsey Trotwood and many more to add up to the exquisiteness of his life , curtailing the various intricacies and adversities faced by him.

So, this classic by Charles Dickens definitely has the competency to make us travel along with the life of David Copperfield, exhilarating his happiness as well as lamenting his losses. This novel portraying the early childhood of the author is truly a charm – a delightful read.

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