India ko ab Modi ‘chai’ ye!
Article / May 19, 2014

He came, he namaste-ed, he conquered. Narendra Modi is all set to become the first Indian Prime Minister in 30 years who need not dance to the tune of petulant allies, nor be controlled by ‘remote’ by a power-behind-the-throne. All Indians, whether they voted for him or not, have high expectations  from our new PM. Will his 56-inch-chest thumping translate into practical benefits for all Indians, vikas and parivartan all around, and India Shining once more? Are happy days really here again? Only one thing is sure: 5 years later, there can be no excuses for failure. We wish our new PM all the best. Meanwhile, has the Gandhi family been washed away by the Modi wave? Is this (fingers crossed!) the end of dynastic politics in India? Sadly, if these news articles are to be believed, far from it. Sigh. Some things never change. As for a certain Gandhi-topi-ed gentleman… AAP ka kya hoga, janabeyaali, AAP ka kya hoga? Care to know more about Modi? Try this book. For more election-related tomes, take a look at these.