Nicholas Sparks
Authors Exclusive / July 18, 2014

Born: December 31, 1965, Omaha, Nebraska
Genre: Romantic fiction, Romantic drama, Non-fiction
Nationality: American

About him…

Nicholas Charles Sparks is an American novelist who has published seventeen novels and one non-fiction work. He has also ventured into screenwriting and production after the success of his novels. Eight of his novels have been adapted to film while two more are in talks for the same. He is one of those few authors who can convey emotions to his readers in the most unpretentious manner and yet make readers empathize for his characters. As Linda Rosencrance of The Boston Globe says, “Readers don’t turn to Sparks’s books because he writes great literature. He’s not Ernest Hemingway, after all. Sparks’s novels serve as a diversion. He can always be counted on to conjure up the twists and turns of a captivating story — formulaic or not — and wrap them up neatly with a surprise ending.