The Godfather

October 9, 2012
Author: Mario Puzo
Publisher: Arrow Publications
Year: 1991
ISBN: 9780099429289
Rating: ★★★★★
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Tyrant, Blackmailer, Racketeer, Murderer – His influence reaches every niche of the American society, his personality instigating fear among his fellow men as well as outsiders yet demanding a respectable welcome from both friends and fiends. Don Vito Corleone – A man or to be more precise a human , has earned the rightful name and fame of not only the most respectable but also the most influential title of ' THE GODFATHER '.The title itself symbolizes a person with a heart of gold and Don Corleone rightly deserved the same . You may be the world's most fearsome deity but when it comes to family you fall down to the normal stratum, always in a protective, possessive and progressive state towards your family. The Corleone family imposes such family values amongst the readers.

This novel by the author from the hell's kitchen also shows what a man is capable of doing if put under utmost pressure. Michael Corleone may lag the charm of his father, yet he demands respect in his own way. He is the one restoring the once lost and shattered family values, by completely shutting down the pessimism of the ambushed fiends. He is not only optimistic, but pragmatic.

But this does not mean we should assign the role of other characters as trivial. Each and every character has been rightfully justified by the author, or it would be punctilious to say that each and every person in the classic maneuvers precisely augments to the charm of the book. The character of Tom Hagen is also quite demarcating. The storyline also dictates, rather articulates his rise from a novice, i.e., from consiliogiri to being a professional as a legal advisor. The quite aggressive, rather audacious character of Sonny Corleone has also found its coziness in the book ‘The Godfather’. The atrocious role of Solozo is also well – established in the classic bestsellers. It did take some time to convalesce the blow delivered by the Tataglias to the Corleones, which dreadfully defiled the family values of the Corleones.

So, this book by Mario Puzo qualifies to have the ample elements to alleviate the urge among the readers to get access into the enthralling world of the mafias. This book is a sensational Success – A Classic Bestseller. A slow, yet a must read book.

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