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India at Risk

The Prize!

5 winners win a copy of "India At Risk by Jaswant Singh"

Revealing many misunderstandings, misconceptions and untruths about the wars India fought in the past decades, Jaswant Singh’s new book India at Risk is a powerful revelation of what really happened behind the scenes, and among the military personnel and political figures of the highest order, during times of crisis.

Experience over sixty-six years of independence reveals that India has failed when confronted with challenges to national security, external or internal. The challenges have been comprehensive, but the response consistently amateurish.

Why, asks Jaswant Singh. Is it on account of conceptual fault lines or fractures in governance? Both, says Jaswant Singh, ably laying bare the challenges, responses and the consequences of failing to reach the goal of credible defence and security in independent India.

Having directly handled the responsibility of managing a whole series of security-related challenges, Jaswant Singh provides a uniquely informed and illuminating analysis of the major challenges that India has faced over the last sixty-six years: the conflicts, the issues, and the consequences that remain with us today.

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What are the rules?

  • The contest is open FOR 5 DAYS ONLY, from December 04th, 2013 to December 09th, 2013.
  • The contest is open for Indian residents only. The prize will be shipped to an Indian address only.
  • The winner will be declared by December 12th, 2013. The winner will win a copy of India at Risk.
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  • The entries earned through Amazon order ID, will be valid only when the purchase is made through IndiaBookStore (during December 04th 2013 - December 09th 2013). In case if a contestant provides wrong information, we will cancel their participation.
  • If a contestant earns entries through invalid email ids, we will cancel their participation too. In the last contest, we found a few participants creating fraud email ids. Such contestants will be eliminated from the contest.

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