Giveaway - Half Baked Love Story

Giveaway - Half Baked Love Story

Tweet the craziest thing you ever did OR would want to do for love!
Tag @indiabookstore and @penguinindia and use the hashtag #CrazyInLove

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What will you win

6 winners will each be sent a copy of A Half-Baked Love Story.

How to participate:

    What did you (or your friend) do when you were #CrazyInLove? What would you do for someone you were #CrazyInLove with?"
  • Tweet using #CrazyInLove and tag @indiabookstore and @penguinIndia.
  • Ask your followers to RT. The more you share, the more your followers respond, the higher your chances to win!
  • The 3 biggest influencers (i.e. the ones who tweet the most AND whose followers respond to his/her tweets the most, via RTs/favourites) during the contest period will be declared the winners.

What are the rules?

  • The contest is running on 13th to 15th April 2016 on Twitter, from 12:30PM until 6PM.
  • The contest is open to only Indian residents.
  • One participant can tweet as many times they want.
  • Only tweets/RTs containing the hashtag #CrazyInLove will be counted.
  • Two winners will be announced each day of the contest.
  • The winners will each be required to send his/her shipping address in India, to which the prize will be shipped by us.
  • The judges' decision is final and no correspondence regarding this matter will be entered into.

About the book - The Half Baked Love Story

    Have you ever...
    Fallen in love at first sight?
    Gone to your first date with an empty wallet?
    Been caught kissing your girl by her father?
    Risked missing your IIT exam to meet her for the last time?
    Aarav has.

    Aarav is a rich brat who sleeps with every girl he is even mildly attracted to. He transforms from a shy teenager to an inconsiderate adult until an important realization hits him. Discover the pangs of his roller-coaster life as he reveals his deepest secrets.

    Now a national bestseller, A Half-baked Love Story is the story of two very different individuals as they come to terms with the pangs and pleasures of first love while battling the situations that life has placed them in. Let the characters guide you through this beautiful tale of love, loss and longing.

    Take a look at excerpt of the book.