Review: Half Love Half Arranged by Itisha Peerbhoy
Review / February 10, 2015

Author: Itisha Peerbhoy
Publisher: Penguin Books
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780143423089
Rating: ★★½☆☆
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I had an attack of conscience when I flipped past the books I had read over the past few months and nary could an Indian name be found among them. So, in an attempt to be better informed about my cultural zeitgeist, I took one for the team (WILDCATS!)

Jaipur Literature Festival – Day Five
News and Events / January 27, 2015

The three of us agreed that the crowd was only going to get crazier next year. Booking a bigger venue could be an appropriate solution. That gripe aside, I would like to thank the organisers for a truly fantastic and well-organised festival.A last suggestion, on the behalf of perennially broke students everywhere, is to make the food at the venue more affordable for all.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2015 – Day Four
News and Events / January 25, 2015

I refuse to believe, after a day spent getting trampled upon, stuck in human jams, elbowed and shoved, that there was a single person in Jaipur who didn’t attend the festival today. The organisers need to take appropriate measures fast to accommodate the growing size of the JLF audience.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2015 – Day Three
News and Events / January 24, 2015

The sessions filling the first slot seemed largely dull so we milled around, looking at the exorbitantly priced things on sale – books, handicrafts, clothes, food. Our impoverished student status firmly ascertained, we headed to Rajnigandha Front Lawns for a talk titled ‘Wanderlust and the Art of Travel Writing’ with Paul Theroux, Charles Glass, Samanth Subramanian, Sam Miller, Brigid Keenan and William Dalrymple.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2015 – Day Two
News and Events / January 23, 2015

Picture everyone looking mildly crazed among a riot of green, blue, yellow tents of varying sizes and striding purposefully to communicate changes (due to the unseasonal rain showers) to co-workers and visitors, many clutching their expensive electronics to shield them from water damage. You now have a fairly accurate mental picture of Day 2 of JLF 2015.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2015 – Day One
News and Events / January 22, 2015

As promised in the account of last year’s Jaipur Literature Festival, I am back here to attend the 2015 installment and faithfully relay all my geeky excitement to IBS readers who aren’t able to do so. With me this year are the same two friends who accompanied me the last time. In the tradition of authorial narcissism, let’s call them Sidekick 1 and Sidekick 2.

Review: The Radiance of Ashes by Cyrus Mistry
Review / November 11, 2014

Author: Cyrus Mistry
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9789383064748
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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The Radiance of Ashes, Cyrus Mistry’s second novel, is the story of “drifter, dropout, dreamer…Jingo.” A young man from a middle-class, Parsi family, Jingo’s only vague ambition is to write a book that chronicles the times he lives in.