Post image for Book Review: Living With Tigers by Valmik Thapar

Author: Valmik Thapar
Publisher: Aleph
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9789384067502
Rating: ★★½☆☆
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Living with Tigers is a book by Valmik Thapar, the well-known conservationist who is mostly associated with the famous Ranthambore tigress Machhli. The book is divided into chapters, each dealing with Thapar’s experiences with well-known tigers – Padmini, Ustad, Genghis, Broken Tooth and others.

What I liked

The idea of dealing with several animals on an individual basis, describing their personalities and histories in detail, in an interesting one. Predictably, the section on Machli is the best.

The illustrations by Rose Corcoran are the highlight of the book.

What I didn’t

Much as I wished it would, the book failed to grip me. I’ve read enough animal literature by stalwarts of the genre. My favourites stand out because the voice of the narrator adds an extra dimension to the stories. Gerald Durrell’s books sparkle with humour, Jim Corbett’s display his respect for the wild ones while giving a voice to the humans who share their habitat, Billy Arjan Singh speaks of animals with paternal pride. To me, this book did not measure up. While the detail is there, the emotion seemed to be lacking. After a while, the stories of individual tigers merged with one another, all seeming similar.

The verdict on Living With Tigers

Give this one a miss, unless you are a serious student of tiger conservation and want all the information you can possibly get about them.


‘Tis the season to be jolly… and to decorate using red, green and white! Check out these Christmas trees made using books. Who would have thought there could be so many innovative ways of using books to create trees?

You could use the ideas given below for inspiration…then dream up your own ways in which you could improvise and create a bookish Cjristmas tree, and put up the photographs in the comments section below!

Christmas tree made from books, strung up with lights

book christmas tree

Grab a lot of books, stack them into the traditional coniferous tree shape, then hang your lights and ornaments on it… bingo! The perfect bookish Christmas tree!

Use your bookshelves to create a no-hassle Christmas tree

book christmas tree

You’ll need a fairly tall bookshelf for this one. Don’t forget the star on the top shelf!

Vintage books to the rescue

book christmas tree

If you have a bunch of classics lying around, their time-soaked pages will give this arrangement the old-world charm that makes it so distinctive. The white string of lights adds the right amount of festive cheer.

Christmas tree using books as branches

book christmas tree

It’s amazing how the shape of the book is used to advantage here! A superb Christmas tree up in minutes!

The arty Christmas tree

book christmas tree

Simple yet starkly beautiful, this tree arrests the attention with its white and red highlights.

The Harry Potter Christmas tree!

harry potter christmas tree

How could we neglect to have this tree here? Can you find each of the Harry Potter references in the tree? Look out for: Prongs, the Weasley’s flying car, Luna’s spectrespecs, the Marauder’s Map, and much much more!

Looks simple… but don’t be too sure!

book christmas tree

This tree needs just a single book… but don’t be fooled by it’s apparent simplicity! It would take a bit of finesse to get this just right.

The bedside companion Christmas tree

book christmas tree

Just 4-5 books and a star on top, and your very own bedside Christmas tree is ready!

Turn your hands to sculpture

book christmas tree

Another one of those trees that look simple but need some skill to get just right.

Stack ’em in the right shape

book christmas tree

It’s not Christmas magic holding up all those books in just the right spot… a but of glue and tape would be needed too. But doesn’t it look awesome?

Do share pics of your own Christmas trees in our comments section. Ho-ho-ho to you!


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