Review: Newsman by Rajdeep Sardesai
Review / October 30, 2018

Newsman is an anthology of hand-picked articles by Rajdeep Sardesai. Followers of the author might be disappointed at not finding anything new but newcomers to Indian politics will find this a nice read.

Book Review: Smart Guide for Awesome Memory by Shireen Stephen
Review / August 9, 2018

Do you ever wish if you could remember all the formulas and theories like Sheldon Cooper? Or if you had a grand memory palace of yourself like Sherlock Holmes? All of this amazing memory power can be achieved through the simple and complex memory techniques explained in this book.

Book Review: Living With Tigers by Valmik Thapar
Review / January 3, 2017

Living with Tigers is a book by Valmik Thapar, the well-known conservationist who is mostly associated with the famous Ranthambore tigress Machhli. The book is divided into chapters, each dealing with Thapar’s experiences with well-known tigers – Padmini, Ustad, Genghis, Broken Tooth and others.

An Era of Darkness by Shashi Tharoor : Book Review
Review / November 25, 2016

An Era of Darkness : The British Empire in India is the latest by Shashi Tharoor, and as the title makes clear, is all about the iniquities of the British rule in India. Its measured, non-jingoistic tone is precisely what makes this book a worthy and readable one.

Vikram Vetal stories: Listen, O King by Sivadasa Book Review
Review / November 11, 2016

Listen, O King is a retelling of the Baital Pachisi, or Vikram Vetal stories, for children. It consists of a frame story, within which there are 25 short tales. Each of these ends with a question being asked. The answer to that question is not an easy one.

One Indian Girl Review
Review / October 4, 2016

One Indian Girl review. One Indian Girl is the first time Chetan Bhagat tells a story from a woman’s point of view. Does it live up to the hype? Read on.

Book Review: People by Raghu Rai
Review / September 21, 2016

Title: People by Raghu Rai Writer: Raghu Rai Publisher: Aleph Books Year: 2016 ISBN: 9789383064137 Rating: Read book reviews from other readers   People by Raghu Rai is a book of portraits taken by the well-known photographer over the course of his career. According to Raghu Rai, these are his favourite portraits from amongst the ones he has photographed. Buy People by Raghu Rai online here. What I Liked, What I Didn't The cover image is arresting: Ustad Bismillah Khan meditating on his music. It is obvious that he has been caught mid-raag, at just the perfect moment. This photograph could not possibly have been 'planned'. A photograph that had to be snapped without warning, at that perfect moment when the musician, caught up in his music, completely unself-conscious, forgot that there was a photographer, an interloper, in his presence. The invisible photographer could capture a person in his most intimate, his most vulnerable moment. Of course it rarely works out that way. Rai himself writes in the introduction, "When I take a person's portrait, I am trying to capture the aura of that person". In People, Raghu Rai succeeds quite often; but not always. Take this picture, for instance….

Book Review: Creme Brulee by Ramona Sen
Review / August 30, 2016

The novel Creme Brulee will appeal to someone looking for a light romance, who is also familiar with the nuances of the Bengali upper-class scene. If you generally turn up your nose at chick-lit and romance, but are looking for some light reading, then you should definitely buy this one.

Book Review: Destiny of Shattered Dreams by Nilesh Rathod
Review / July 9, 2016

Destiny of Shattered Dreams, Nilesh Rathod’s maiden venture as an author seems like it has been commissioned by Karan Johar because he is running out of scripts. The story of Mr.Atul Malhotra (eagle eyed, handsome corporate honcho) has a good flow. The politico-corporate nexus he finds himself terribly entrenched in gets quite titillating towards the end.