Book Review: Smart Guide for Awesome Memory by Shireen Stephen

August 9, 2018

Category: Non-fiction Self-help

Author: Shireen Stephen
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-81-291-5148-3

Pages: 278
Rating: ★★★★★






Do you ever wish if you could remember all the formulas and theories like Sheldon Cooper?

Or if you had a grand memory palace of yourself like Sherlock Holmes?

All of this amazing memory power can be achieved through the simple and complex memory techniques explained in this book.

Smart Guide for Awesome Memory is an immensely informative book by Dr Shireen Stephen who is a counselling psychologist, researcher, writer and editor. As the title suggests, this book helps you boost your memory power and remember a variety of information through creative and fun techniques. 

The author has done an exceptionally good job formulating the content. The initial chapters give you a brief overview of how memory works and how brain processes information in human beings. Then it moves on to the building blocks of memory and memory techniques.

Smart Guide for Awesome Memory_Quote 1

There is a wide spectrum of techniques ranging from auditory(music, rhymes etc.), visualization (images), mental snapshots, numbers, acrostics, acronyms, pegging, linking and a lot more.  Not only that, the author has also made a very good effort in explaining the combinations and variations of the basic methods to help memorize specific sets of information, like remembering a list of ordered things, account numbers, PNRs etc.

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The book also explores well-known memory techniques like memory palace method and creation of mind maps. The techniques are explained in a very easy to understand manner and encourages readers to make their personal references while using every technique. This makes the learning process quite effortless and personalized.

Smart Guide for Awesome Memory_Quote 5

The latter chapters deal with how to apply the given memory techniques into academics and routine life by teaching about how to remember important dates, credit card numbers, addresses, directions, faces, the periodic table with element properties, historical facts and figures, speeches, poems, spellings, name-face associations,  a second language and even finding lost objects! 

Smart Guide for Awesome Memory_Quote 2

The book ends with a list of tips and tricks that enhance the amazing power of our mind and makes you aware about its potential. The best thing about the book is that it's not just a theoretical book. Not only every chapter but every topic is followed by pro tips, quotes and lots of fun exercises that give you a chance to practice the techniques that you have learnt.

Smart Guide for Awesome Memory_Quote 6

There is also a short summary section at the end of every chapter that helps you review the chapter quickly if you want to revise your methods. There are a lot of brain games and teasers which make the practical application of the memory techniques really interesting.

The simple writing and illustrations make the concepts extremely easy to understand and master for a person of any age group. It could be a very useful book not only for the students but also the educators. 

The book gives you a very positive and empowering feeling about your mind and yourself and increases self-confidence. Overall this book is a mind-opening piece that can make a long-lasting impact on your life because it's not just about the memory techniques but its a wholesome food for a fit mind.

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