Pregnant Minds – Innovational Attitude by Virender Kapoor
Authors Exclusive / August 1, 2013

Innovation is not an occurrence – it is an attitude.

 Though required by everyone, innovation becomes a life line for people who deal with technology, strategy or processes. In the last three decades most of the “maximum impact products “emerged from ICT which changed the way the world works. An innovator need not come up with E=mc2 every time. Ideas, products or processes you come up with could be simple, sometimes even insignificant, can still  be counted as innovations as long as they are different. Rather than waiting to come up with something spectacularly great once in your lifetime, your endeavor should be to raise your Innovation Quotient or InnQ   gradually by innovating all the time. To make “Innovativity” as an attitude, it is important to broaden your horizon.  Visit new locations, read books and articles on new subjects, meet new people from different age groups. That is the way to tickle your brain and give it a chance to kick up something new; original; different.