Get over the Wonderland! Time for Alice: The Netherworld!

August 23, 2013
Title: Alice: The Netherworld
Author: Megha Rao
Publisher: APK Publishers
Year: May, 2012
ISBN: 9789381791042
Rating: ★★★½☆
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Alice: The Netherworld is another beauty in the world of fantasy fiction by an Indian author. Megha Rao, the author of this book, started writing when she was pretty young and has now successfully panned out a book whose forthcoming parts will definitely be awaited upon. It has also been feature in The Hindu!

The story begins with a typical wedding (to me, it seemed pretty much Indian): gossiping aunts, frustrated siblings and the 'you are next to get married' phrase.

The fun begins when the frustrated Alice runs away to the forest after a fight with her mom. Rather than meeting the White Rabbit or falling down the hole, Megha takes her readers to a journey of the Netherworld, the fourth world where demons live. It is in this forest that she meets Cash Foxx, male protagonist of the story and unfortunately, a demon! Cash helps her out of the forest but his father (who is the king of Netherworld) feels that Alice might become a threat to the existence of Netherworld and hence must be eliminated. Alice is then 'kidnapped' by the demons of Netherworld and brought to the fourth world.

The story takes a turn when Cash takes responsibility of taking care of Alice in the Netherworld for 30 days. The condition is that Alice must survive these 30 days without any trouble else she will be killed. As the story progresses, Alice forms a bond with Cash's family, his sisters Pearl and Destiny and Cash himself. The transformation of an irresponsible and non-chalant Cash to a person who in the end struggles to keep Alice alive is depicted vividly.  He opens up to Alice about his mother, something which I felt depicted the start of friendship between them. And exactly when you are convinced that all is going well and about to end, enters the shape shifter with an evil plan to rule the Netherworld.

The story is then fast paced with a battle between Cash and the shape shifter. The Cheshire Cat also has a role to play, though a pretty short one.

I loved the character descriptions and the touch of evil. Its an enjoyable read and I would definitely look forward to reading the next book in the series. Lets hope the sexy demon Cash gets to visit the human world in future! 😀

Dhishna Chandnani

Dhishna Chandnani

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Dhishna Chandnani

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