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February 14, 2013

Indeed, few things were left unsaid. So this’s the way we met the lover-author to ask him ‘Kya Life Hogi Set?’ Let’s listen to the author of the bestsellers Few Things Left Unsaid & That’s the Way We Met   

‘Love can create miracles’. What is your definition of ‘Love’ and how according to you can one decide if he or she is in ‘Love’ with someone?
According to me love is directly proportional to the bonding you share with the person and your understanding level. Even if you don’t convey, your love for a person is clearly visible in your eyes. You can’t hide it. The spark in your eyes speaks a lot when you are with your loved one. However, every relationship needs time to flourish. You need to compromise too in many circumstances but that’s what love is. If I have understood love, it’s because of my relationship which I have described in my books and also mainly because of my parents.

From a personal dairy to a bestseller. Unbelievable, miraculous and wonderful. Can you tell us how?
If I would have planned, I would have described you entire recipe of being a bestseller. When I wrote my first book in 2011, ‘Few things left unsaid’, I hardly knew anything from publishing industry. There was a phase when I thought I should quit. . But God was kind towards me. ‘That’s the way we met’ got listed in top books of 2012 in almost every corner of India. My fans and readers supported me and that’s how I came up with ‘That’s the way we met’ There are so many budding authors who want to grow in this field and I find myself lucky to reach here within 2 years. I believe everyone has a story to tell, my case was no different. I hope in future too my books will be loved by everyone.

A beginner wrote a book and wants to get it published. What tips/advices/suggestions do you have for him? What steps should he follow?
He or she needs to be extremely patient. It’s a slow process. You can’t be a bestseller within a fortnight. You need to focus on your goals and keep walking till you achieve it. The ultimate focus should be your reader group. There are books which are criticized but readers love it. There are books which are loved by critics but readers hate it. One needs to understand there is a thin line between the two.

Can we expect a Genre-Change from you?
Even I will love to. In future even I wish to write a thriller or research based story.

Are you a voracious reader? What kind of books do you like to read? Any particular writers who inspired your writing?
I do read books. There is no one writer as such who inspires me. But I love to read light coffee table books. They keep your daily tensions away and make you feel good. If I have to name 1 book which has impressed and inspired me then it will be ‘Many masters many lives’.

Describe your writing-process and writing-environment. Paper & Pen/ Laptop/Typewriter…? With coffee/cigarettes/alcohol/…? Night/Day…? With headphones on/loud music/soothing songs…? Etc
If I say paper & pen, you will say am outdated: D. If I say laptop, you will say ‘a typical engineer’. If I say cigarettes and alcohol that will provoke budding authors to do the same and they will land up cursing me in the end: D. Sometimes it’s better to remain quiet. Jokes apart and coming to the question, I don’t have any particular process. It’s a creative work. If you fix a timetable for it then you lose the creative side of it.

From Engineer to Author, Passion versus Profession. How difficult was the fight?
The fight is not over yet: D. It’s extremely difficult to convince our parents and even yourself. I still don’t know which way it will go but it’s too early to decide 1 out of 2. I am seriously hoping that the time comes soon, when young Indian authors can take writing as their full time career. It happens abroad but still it’s not happening in India.

Many young people land up in engineering solely because of parental pressure. Do you have any advice for the parents?
Read books like ‘That’s the way we met’, ‘Few things left unsaid’:D. If not into books then watch 3 idiots.

What can the fans of Sudeep Nagarkar expect from you in the future?
I am extremely flattered with all the love I have got for both the books. I am working on my 3rd book and they can expect it in second half of 2013. For all those who wish to connect with me, can subscribe me on facebook or twitter.

Thank you very much, Mr. Sudeep Nagarkar for taking time out from your busy schedule for this interview with Indiabookstore. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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