Away from the stereotypes: A Wonderful Boss!

September 3, 2014

Author: Virender Kapoor
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9789382951582
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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In a time when the literary world is ruled by the dynasty of leadership books, Virender Kapoor refuses to join the lineage by coming out with a title A Wonderful Boss. The moment I opened this book, I had mentally braced myself to be reading about stark comparisons between a leader and a boss. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to realize how the Kapoor has projected the quality of being a boss as a sub product of the quality of being a leader. It is very safe to say that on completion of this book, all the readers will have this one common conclusion : The stereotypical image of a ‘ boss’ as the ultimate bad guy on the block is as anachronistic as the snail-mail.

While dealing with the subject of different types of bosses and their influence on an employee’s life, the book has effectively traced the concern of global leadership deficit that we are facing today.

The topic of the book,in general, is very subjective. It may vary vividly from person to person. Perhaps, that could have been the motivation of the author to include 15 different perspectives by the top leaders or the “industry Czars” as put by Virender himself, in the form of 15 chapters. Each contributor brings his/her own individuality to the book in the form of their story, narration style, opinion and learning. It is an absolute delight to read such a diverse compilation. Samir Kapoor, the man with a creative temperament, presents an interesting HR perspective on how talent acquisition becomes an irreplaceable requisite for the portfolio of a boss. Rajat Mathur, a symbiosis alumnus, narrates his story of how his boss became a source of motivation from a source of envy.Vandana Sexena , CEO-Get through Guides, recounts her journey through bad and brilliant bosses which made her realize that bosses act as checkpoints which help us move closer to our goals. These are just a few of the several perspectives that the reader will come across in this book.

Living up to one of the quotes in the book-‘You cannot improve something you cannot measure’, ‘A wonderful boss’ concludes with personality quiz to define one’s boss quotient.

Should you read this book?

The answer is a resounding yes. It has been crafted to suit young employees to corporate leaders alike and although it descriptive at times, any element of monotony is avoided by the clever narration and use of anecdotes. A recommended read if you want to have a productive work life.

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