Book Review: A Country For Men by Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon

April 25, 2014
Author:Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon
Publisher:Blackbuck Publication
ISBN: 9781629519067
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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A Country for Men’ is the second book by Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon. It ennumerates the rape cases that caused a media sensation, with statistics thrown in. The author has tried to shuffle through the facts available and arrive at what constitutes rape in India and why it exists as an ugly scar on this nation’s identity.

The book begins with statistics collected from different web sources and how over the years, the victim is always blamed for the act. The chapter – Culprit List forms an interesting read as it is a collection of mindless statements made by politicians in power and bureaucrats about women being the sole reason for being raped. “Crime against women is a highly stigmatized issue as society often blames women for the violence that they experience.”

Rohit Kumar beautifully weaves the statistics of rapes in different states around the fact that the patriarchal make-up of Indian society and the familiarity of the perpetrator of the crime to the victim as the major reasons for the rape across India.
It highlights how men perceive the fact that women aping the west deserve to be raped. The author has also fused the opinion of the Khaap as to how fast food does contributes to increasing number of rape cases, leaving the readers in a dilemma of whether to laugh or cry at the foolish analysis put forth.

The Chapter – System Failure is one of the best chapters in the book as it analyses how the police turn an indifferent attitude to the crime and the judiciary does not provide a fair and easy trail to the sensitizes the readers to the fact that the judicial process adds to the trauma of the victim. The book, also, throws up an interesting correlation between decrease in foreign tourist and the rise in the number of rape cases on foreign tourists in India.

The Chapters – The One(s) who fought back! And Those we forget – are very interesting chapters as it looks at molestations within families and communities. The author has not spared the media too : “Media runs headlines about the victim for days as long as it earns a good amount of T.R.P for them and later, when the sensation subsidies, it is just another addition to the many crimes which took place.”

A Country For Men is like a mirage – the author briefs the readers on reasons already know to them about incidence and causes for rapes. Typo errors add to the mirage. It’s a good reference book for freshers pursuing sociology or law, as it gives a few web links as well. It would help them do a good presentation in class. For Adults who crave challenges for the brain looking at the title, it’s a like a music without soul.

The ugly scar cannot be solved by just compiling sensational rape cases from the media and passing off with powerful titles.

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