Chetan Bhagat

October 19, 2011
Born : April 22, 1974, New Delhi
Genre : Fiction, management, humour
Nationality : Indian
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About him

Chetan Bhagat is an Indian author, columnist and speaker. He is the author of five bestselling novels Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ the Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008), 2 States (2009) & Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition (2011). An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Bhagat has become more of a youth icon in the country. He writes columns for English and Hindi newspapers like The times of India, Dainik Bhaskar etc.

Though Bhagat’s novels have more of a commercial taste than literary, he has been a tremendous influence on the national mind. Indeed his writing has played the major role behind his growing fame. Also his speeches and articles on present-day issues have contriubuted in that matter. The variety of topics which form the basis of his novels has also drawn the attention of the masses. While his first book deals with the many pleasures and pathos of engineering students, the third fiction is a love story being hindered by the very relevant caste distinction in the country. His own life has been an inspiration for it.

His latest non-fiction -What Young India Wants- raises questions using interesting metaphors thereby opening his skills in this altogether new genre.

In his own simple yet elaborate prose, Bhagat has impressed many minds. His works might not have enriching literature but in their own correctness, they portray a far deeper truth. His brilliant educational background added to his literary flair makes him an important intellectual asset for the country. In his fiction and non-fiction, Bhagat is someone everybody looks up to.

Famous works

What Young India Wants

images (1)Ironical enough that I read this book on 2nd October, Mahatma’s birthday. To speak about the book I will say it tells the truth. All this while, the most fascinating feature of Chetan Bhagat’s books has been their titles. After starting with the tale of what one should not do at IIT he has travelled a long way. And as his latest non-fiction opens up the way he looks and sees the country, the readers also cannot help but go through their own opinions…Read more

Revolution 2020

images (1)This is a story of a love triangle. Set on the background of a dingy corrupted society it ends as a journey of self-discovery. Indeed in times like these we need a revolution for which Gopal relies on friend Raghav and lets go the love of his life Aarti with him, thinking of their better future together. This book is thought provoking as it instigates a rage inside us, a want for change and an urge that makes us think that we ourselves can do it. In a world so wrong, only a few things rest on our hand. We need to make them right such that, in turn, they make us happy. And when things do not stay the way they should be, we call for change.

2 States

images (1)Krish and Ananya are two people in love. After completing every challenge of life with highest credit they meet each other at the portals of academic excellence, IIMA. Like many reading in their institute, they sail through the years tied in a romantic and friendly bond to reach the greener pastures of life, shining in the spring of success. When everything around seems glorious with the perfectness they had achieved in life one thing becomes the source of all troubles, love. Sorry. To rephrase, love that wishes to culminate into inter-caste marriage. How the Punjabis are unhappy with the docile South Indians and vice versa has become an old story now. What glows marvellously is the way they overcome this stale problem uniting the two states into one, the state of love and humanity. The best of Bhagat says my personal view.

The Three Mistakes of my Life

images (1)Revolving around a triangular friendship, the author travels out of the metropolis this time and chooses Ahmedabad. The characters hear belong to simple middle-class households, thriving through more fundamental problems. Yet their stories are not to be belittled. A man’s crisis, which includes economic, social and personal sagas comes alive in this novel. Also the author carefully deals with the hollow religious divides that are prominent even to this date. What makes the story al the more appealing is the great Indian Cricket and the hub-bub surrounding it. Another good read.

One Night at the Call Center

images (1)Call Center is a common name in today’s life, especially the public sector. A large fraction of modern day youth is intricately connected to it through their bread and butter. Dealing with the lives of six such common man, a writer and one absolute entity- God, this book is more like a wonder. The characters in display are unique, each having a unique set of challanges to be faced and strived through. Their journey through cross-roads, getting entangled in relationships, falling in puddles and finally coming out of them makes the book interesting. Maybe a little less witty than the first one, the book is devoid of much literary genius. Then again Bhagat speaks for those who can do without it yet can manage to reach our hearts.

Five Point Someone

images (1)Funny but dark, the book deals with the drama which circulates education in our country. Centred between the lives of three students belonging to the epitome of education in the country i.e. the IITs, it shows how Hari, Alok and Ryan traverse the many roads of lives in their journey together. Four years of college is a long time; to learn, to commit mistakes, to fall in love and finally to learn some more. Bhagat’s witty prose provides the perfect shades of yellow and blue to the many joys and sorrows depicted here. An enjoyable read.



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