Navigating the Dating World: Ladies Please! Dating Truths by a Man

August 14, 2014
Author: Jose Covaco
Publisher: Ebury Press
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9788184004410
Rating: ★★½☆☆
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Ladies Please! Dating Truths by a Man is a self help book by MTV’s VJ Jose Covaco, intended for the broken hearted as well as people struggling in the dating world.

The book starts off with a detailed description of the author’s various failed relationships. It then tells us about the various stereotypes of dating in India and how it differs from western countries. The author then gives us an excruciatingly long manual of do’s and don’ts of dating.

Phew! I am just glad that the book is over!

Though I am sure that the book might help some people with the whole dating game and Jose has tried his level best to give the female population a glimpse of what’s going on inside a man’s mind, the book is so damn boring. It feels like you are reading an instruction manual of what to do and what not to to bag a date.

There is a lot of repetition of content and the book could easily have been cut short. The book just seemed full of perplexing thoughts to me. There is not much for men to learn about women from this book, as the author says women are inexplicable (which I agree with). The writing style isn’t that bad but it could have been better. The book is full of witty and sarcastic remarks but sometimes it seemed to get a bit sly and dry. Inspite of all this, you can see that Covaco has put in a lot of effort into this book and that’s commendable.

If you are really having trouble finding a date, then go for it – you never know, it might do something for you. Otherwise stay away! 

Check out Covaco (or HoeZaay as he’s better known) on Twitter and YouTube for his current and upcoming projects!

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