Many Lives Many Masters

September 24, 2012

Authors: Dr. Brian Weiss
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group Year: 1994
ISBN: 9780671657864
Rating: ★★★★½
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Dr Brian Weiss has been a noted psychiatrist and an academician; a “success” in his chosen field of understanding the human mind and the complexities that come with it, even before he started his work concerning PLR (past life regression) and related theories and/or therapies and writing about it. Many Lives Many Masters is one of the first books that Dr Brian Weiss wrote, after entering a realm, a ‘life-altering’ (as he puts it) domain that has taken him over many lifetimes since; lives gone and some yet to come. As he puts is, he felt compelled to share the knowledge and learning he gained from his seemingly divine experiences.

Dr Brian Weiss, during his time as a practicing psychiatrist, used many techniques and therapies to get into his patient’s minds and get information out; information, or blocks that could be plaguing the patients’ life in the form of various mental or emotional ailments. The book Many Lives Many Masters is about one such patient who comes to Dr Weiss with a bagful of phobias and complexes, most of which are inexplicable. Assuming that these various phobias and complexes are a result of childhood traumas Dr Weiss tries all the standard techniques and therapies to dig deeper into his patient’s mind, looking for clues that could explain her phobias and complexes. During one such session, after having spent a considerable amount of time looking for clues, Dr Weiss tries hypnosis. Deep in the hypnotic trance, the patient goes back beyond her early childhood, her birth, beyond this life and many past ones and recalls events from an ancient life where she lived the life of a woman in completely different circumstances and in a different time and society. In subsequent sessions, the patient is able to reveal many past lives and events, providing answers to many of her current life issues, beliefs, and phobias. Where, for the longest time ever, other standard, time-tested medical and scientific techniques and therapies failed, Dr Weiss is able to “heal” this patient by helping her recall past lives and related traumas.

The book comprises of parts of his recorded sessions with this patient; the lives she recalls, and the lessons she has learnt. Their “conversations” also touch upon, though not extensively, on something like an existence between lives. A place where the soul kind of hovers, waiting for the next birth. And that all of these “realms” are governed by multiple, or many masters who are apparently all around us, who are there for us, to help and guide us, or rather, the help and guide the souls, on their path of self discovery.

What’s good about this book is, from the point of view of both believers and non-believers, that it contains actual life experiences and hard data. Dr Brian Weiss does not come across as your next door guru-type trying to sell you an ideology, or re-packaged “spiritualism” that costs a good dime. He is staying true to his nature, his profession, and is sharing an understanding; his understanding which he believes is for the larger good. I am an explorer, always up for a new journeys, be it in this life, or the next, next going back that is.

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