Review : Blood Magic

November 3, 2012
Author: Tessa Gratton
Publisher: Doubleday, Random House
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780857530202
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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Blood Magic is Tessa Gratton’s debut novel. It is well written and makes for an interesting read. Conforming to the current fad of magic and mythical creatures she brings to the reader something more believable. It’s a story of romance, revenge, familial bonds, magic and the one that ties them all -blood.

Blood Magic is a tale of intricately woven relationships that spread over generations. Nothing seems to make much sense initially and the reader is left trying to find his way in a dark room. The story starts coming together gradually as history reveals itself with each turn of the page. Although these bits and pieces create some confusion about the characters and how they are relate, it manages to keep the reader hooked for more.

The novel begins with Drusilla Kennicot receiving a spell book written by her deceased father which increases the mystery surrounding the double murder of her parents. As she discovers the existence of magic and the potency of her own blood she is pulled into a hundred years worth of magical history. Accompanying her in these discoveries is her brother Reese who is fighting for a way to believe in his father’s questionable sanity. Amidst all the loss and destruction, both physical and emotional, Silla meets Nick her new neighbor who has a few magical secrets of his own.

The most interesting bit in the book is the journal entries scattered every few pages which date over a century recounting the life of the yet to be revealed villain and introduce us to the not so innocent aspect of blood magic. The book seems to be a regular good versus evil story till all the shades of grey are spilled onto the canvas as a cruel secret is revealed. The good is not all good and the dark side has a lighter past.

Blood Magic encompasses love and obsession, hate and revenge and scenes of utter horror in a realm of magic which is a welcome break from the world of wand wielding wizards and romantically doomed vampires. Interspersed with teenage romance and revengeful love that lasts more than a lifetime it is a book that will keep you hooked as that characters come to life trying to deal with their past as it catches up with them.

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