Review : Darcy And Liza Again- Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife

July 16, 2013

Author: Linda Berdoll
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Year: 2004
ISBN: 978-1402202735
Rating: ★★★½☆
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How can we forget those midnight chatters, the scenic beauty, the enthusiastic crowd at the parties, and the overwhelming charming dresses of Victorian era romantic novels? Whether it is Emma, Wives and Daughters or the much known Pride and Prejudice, all these have been the love of many readers.

From that very bookshelf, here comes another jewel-Mr Darcy Takes A Wife.

Who can ever forget those enticing and enigmatic characters ever built by Jane Austen– be it stubborn Liza or the tall dark handsome Mr. Darcy. Curiosity overwhelmed us after finishing “Pride and Prejudice”. This novel quenches the thirst of many Darcy lovers.

It is one of the sequels to it- written by Linda Berdoll, who is a renowned Best-selling author. Her style of writing was called as “sexy, hilarious, and poignant” (Booklist.) -By “the Ruling Passion”.

The plot can be described as a happily married couple’s romantic story with little misunderstandings in their day to day life. This addresses various issues like fidelity, betrayal and doubtfulness amongst the characters. The story begins, when they- Mr Darcy and Elizabeth get married in lavish style, and their romance starts to bloom. There is a constant criticism and hindrance from Lady Catherine de Bourgh. It grips a serious tone when Elizabeth has a miscarriage after a confrontation and kidnapping.

Later on, Wickham and Lydia stories are also put into it to engage the readers. It also states the blooming happiness of Jane by having children whereas Elizabeth is bereft of this joy, and more to her concern, she is held responsible for “not giving an heir” to Pemberley. This makes her insecure. Though there is “another female” in the story who turns out to be Darcy’s mistress, which adds to the dicey behaviour of Elizabeth. Several things are revealed, sorrow comes in the family in a form of someone’s death (read it and you get to know whose death!). The story ends with the lead couple having twins and a certain twist in the story.

This novel has several ups and downs, but overall a joyful ride for the readers. What’s best in this book is that it is a mixture of sensuousness, romance and honesty. It keeps up with an enhanced version of Jane Austen's original characters while introducing new ones to keep the story progressing. Some parts created wild side for Austen characters and some parts build a new set of side characters which were enjoyable. Overall, it is a good and amorous read. This book is for those who loved that “era”, those “characters” and want to explore more about them.

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