Review : Eat Pray Love

October 27, 2012
Author: Elizabeth Glibert
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9781408809365
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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Every moment in one's life has something to learn in it. But, not everything in some other's life interests one. This memoir, a pursuit of a balanced life by Elizabeth Gilbert proves interesting in many of her narrations but some chapters make the readers feel bored. It depends on the reader's perception towards many aspects of life.

Elizabeth, shortly calling herself Liz, writes her journey from labyrinths of her messed up marriage to blooming gardens of a balanced life via her internal transformation in three countries Italy, India and Indonesia. Simply, this book is a blend of joy, romance and an insight of what life is .It is her lucid expression of her emotions during this journey that made this book a must read one (especially for women).

In Italy (Rome) Liz describes all her trials for coming out of her despondency. She does that with a common philosophy "Do what you like and you will be happy". She tastes delicious Italian dishes and starts learning the world's sweetest language "Italian". She presents a good excavation of Italian history and examination of Rome's monuments. She says "Every city has its word and for Rome it is "Sex". She simply makes her life more beautiful with her four month expedition in Rome.

In India it is her phase of enlightenment through the transcendental knowledge of spirituality. During her stay in India she resides in an ashram and practices meditation for mental peace. She gives a beautiful account of necessity for preaching a guru in order to reach the almighty God. The spiritual savvy she yearns and acquires in India is not only worth appreciation but also makes many of us realize the greatness of our country's heritage. In this course she also analyses the way a typical Indian woman leads her life.

Thus, she makes herself mentally and morally strong preparing herself for starting a new life through her four months stay in India.

Her next four months in Indonesia (Bali) tell us how she had found her love and how her life is on track again. I think she felt that hiding something is equivalent to lying and therefore sticking to her principle of telling truth, she unabashedly narrates the aspects which are very personal to every woman (like fluctuations in her libido etc).

Elizabeth did a great job carefully expounding the way she had overcome the bitterness in her life thereby being a role model to many of her readers.

"Eat Pray Love has been passed from woman to woman like the secret of life" -Sunday Times

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