Review : Eternity is Temporary

November 6, 2012
Author: Bill Broady
Publisher: Random House Publishers India
Year: 2007
ISBN: 9781846270369
Rating: ★★★½☆
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With clever comparisons, diligent delineations and skillful selectivity, Broady stuffed this literary chillum with carefully crushed leaves of linguistic marijuana for readers to smoke and attain a relaxing, rejuvenating and of course a harmless high. The unconventional and captivating characterization, sentences soaked in mesmerizing wit, the narration that stimulates reader’s imagination and an impartial touch of philosophy are unquestionably the invaluable assets of this book.

If at all there is a beginning, this book begins with Evan’s recruitment as a professional care assistant for Heron Close, a residential home for the elderly. The setting is quite restricted and the pool of characters is more or less stagnant. Evan finds himself in the company of interesting and contrasting personalities. He falls in love with Adrea, his colleague. This story is about how each of these interesting people, including the elderly, fits into others’ lives.

The story progresses at a pace slightly higher than that of an unhurried snail. The reader is expected to match this pace to achieve maximum literary pleasure, and to slowly reach the ending, if he can actually define one. However, characterization done with admirable assiduousness beats down all the negatives and stands as the amazing aspect of the book. A set of countless references made to historical poets, painters and musicians serves as a complimentary dessert for lovers of arts, while some pages blotted with scatological ink might disgust the reader and momentarily stench his thoughts.

This book has characteristics of a literary masterpiece and also those of a baseless baloney, thus making it interesting and boring, both at the same time. This book is an exemplification of Broady’s creative genius, and if you want to experience his enchanting literary intellect, this book would surely serve your purpose. And that it commands chronic contemplation, pick it when it’s raining leisure and gain everything that it gives.

Lakshmikanth Koundinya

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