Kamadeva: The God of Desire

November 24, 2014

Author: Anuja Chandramouli
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9788129134592
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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My knowledge on Hindu mythology being extremely limited, Kamadeva: The God of Desire piqued my interest, just like the works of Amish Tripathi. This book by Anuja Chandramouli (click here for a review of this author’s Arjuna) is an interesting read, as it flows through time and events in the Hindu mythology with immense ease.

The book starts with the birth of Kamadeva by the sweat of Bhramha, induced by the overwhelming seduction he feels by an extraordinarily beautiful woman of his own creation – Rati. Rati is sensuous, fierce and of indomitable spirit, whereas Kama has a mellow demeanor, an incomparable charm and a calm and composed mind. A lot of other popular Devas make their appearance throughout the book, but the limelight never shifts from the protagonist duo.

For a novice in Hindu mythology, this book is a good read as it puts forth the story in a mellifluous manner. But this book lacks in literary quality, which many a times is the sole distinction between a simple story and an amazing book. Usage of common day slang and phrases at times did away with the mystique and glamour surrounding the lives of the Devas, but these in turn also makes these divine souls that much more relatable. The story succinctly encircles the life story of the God of Desire, from finding love at birth to dying for duty and being reunited for love.

Though an exceptional effort by the author, the writing betrays her bias and prejudices which, by the end of the book, seemed very obvious. The concept of this book had great potential, but it just did not come through.

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