Bond, Ruskin Bond: Love Among the Bookshelves

August 29, 2014

Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Penguin Books
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780670087341
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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For many of us in India today, it was Ruskin Bond’s stories that sowed the seed of a lifelong love for reading. Fans go knocking at his home in the hills, and throng every time he is at a city bookstore, hanging on to every word he speaks. One wonders which books made him a reader and what inspired him to become a writer. The answer is here, between the pages of this book.

Love among the Bookshelves is a tribute of sorts to Ruskin Bond’s favourite authors. The book starts off with a tongue-in-cheek introduction in Ruskin Bond’s inimitable style. Part memoir, part anthology, it features excerpts of the books he has loved. It includes the works of Wodehouse, Somerset Maugham, H.E. Bates, Charles Dickens and Richard Jefferies. In addition, Mr. Bond mentions many others whose works he enjoyed reading – writers of mystery, romance, crime and realism – in his essays that introduce each excerpt and author. It is these notes that are the highlight of the book, giving us a glimpse into his life – how he first chanced upon books when he declined an invitation to a shikar party, his favourite superhero, what turned him into an aficionado of the ghost story, the year he spent in Jersey and how he began his journey as an author.

An interesting read for those who love literature, classics or Ruskin Bond.

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