Review : Ofcourse I Love You

October 24, 2012
Author: Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja
Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9788192222608
Rating: ★★★★☆
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Situated in the happening capital of Delhi, ‘Ofcourse I Love You…’ is a love story of Debashish Roy, popularly known as Deb. Although, he believes he isn’t much of a looker, he still represents the ultimate playboy! An engineering student who doesn’t take career seriously, loves to party and is in a ceaseless relationship with the term ‘break ups.

After all the relationships that Deb has had, when he first encounters Avantika, he gets completely bowled over. For him, it is LAFS – Love At First Sight that is. The female protagonist – Avantika, but naturally Deb’s love interest, is a confident, independent, witty girl, and absolutely gorgeous! Love blossoms after a while, and is crushed as well! Leaving the student life behind, unemployment rears its ugly head, people move on and Deb is left all lost and lonely.

From the time Deb had his first crush, till the day he has his last, ‘Ofcourse I Love You’ is a journey of love, life, relations, and all the possible screw-ups! A journey, that is one hell of a roller coaster ride; a journey, to which every individual can relate; a journey, which every reader has lived through at some stage of their life; and a journey, which leaves you completely intrigued.

Not once in the entire novel will your attention get diverted! The writing style is simply charismatic! The language is conversational and the scenarios are narrated vividly, the characters, simply make you fall in love with them! For first time writers, these two have set very high standards! The titles of every chapter are fascinating. It simply persuades you to read the entire novel at one go!

Although this novel is categorized under – Fiction, the first question that automatically pops up in your mind, at the end of the story has to be, a very sceptical – “Is it?” This only further indicates the talent of the writers to entwine fiction with reality, in a manner that it becomes absolutely challenging to differentiate between the two at times.

Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd. is co-owned by the writer Durjoy Dutta himself and his partner Sachin Garg. ‘Ofcourse I Love You’ is Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja’s maiden novel and had been on the National Best Sellers list as soon as it was published. ‘Ofcourse I Love You’, is the first in Deb and Avantika’s love triology, followed by ‘Now That You Are Rich,’(2009) and ‘She Broke Up, I Didn’t’(2010). The latest in the series is ‘If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love’(2012).

Oh! By the way, the complete name of the book is… ‘Ofcourse I Love You… Till I Find Someone Better’! I’m sure after reading this, if you don’t own it already, your sure gonna grab a copy a.s.a.p.!!


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