Review: Right Here Right Now

July 29, 2014
Author: Nikita Singh
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780143423072
Rating: ★★★½☆
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Right Here Right Now by Nikita Singh is a story of a seventeen-year-old girl, Kalindi, who has suffered memory loss after a terrible accident. The story begins when Kalindi wakes up and finds herself in the hospital. She tried to remember how she reached there but, to her shock, she couldn’t even recall her own name. What follows next is her journey of retrieving the past, adjusting to the present and preparing herself for the future. Will she get her memory back? Will she be able to know the cause of her accident? Will she be able to adjust to her new life? Will she be able to get back to her normal self again? The story battles with all these questions.

Reinventing yourself is harder when you don’t remember who you were.
Kalindi doesn’t know what happened to her and—worse—she doesn’t know who she is. She enters her own life as if for the first time. Feeling like an invader, she meets her parents, friends and boyfriend. Everybody says her life was perfect, but she’s having a hard time accepting who she was, and the kind of person she wanted to be. She’s also got boards to pass—but she doesn’t remember anything she learned! And the recurrent nightmares don’t make it any easier.

What I liked
Nikita Singh, the author, has penned many books previously, hence she is no amateur. But the theme of the book is what poses the main challenge as she has only written fictional romances in past. While it is a change for her readers, the topic itself is very interesting. Her careful portrayal of the protagonist is commendable, seeing as the story rests on her shoulders. The feelings of helplessness and misery that such a person may experience are conveyed well. As the book majorly revolves around the main character, there wasn’t much scope for other characters. But all of them were well defined in their own space.

The writing style of the author is fine and the book is a page turner. It will keep you gripped till the end with suspense. As the author herself is young, the dialogues are relatable and humorous at times.

What I didn’t like
The theme of the book was very interesting but as I delved into the book, my enthusiasm started fading and it translated into a normal teenage drama. I wanted to read more about the protagonist’s life (other than her love affair) but to my disappointment, there wasn’t much. The author had so much to explore in the theme, but she kept it limited to a love story. Also, there are some editing mistakes in the book here and there, which interrupts smooth reading. I wasn’t happy with the ending and wished it had been different. But that is my personal choice; I completely understand the author’s point of view.

The book will not linger in your mind for too long, but is definitely a good weekend read. Go for it if you are looking for something light and breezy, and I can guarantee you will be more than satisfied.

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