Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

October 2, 2012

Authors: Liz Greene
Publisher: Samuel Weiser Inc.
Year: 1976
ISBN: 9780877283065
Rating: ★★★★☆
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This book by Liz Greene is indeed a splendid blend of astrology and psychology. Possession of prior knowledge of these disciplines, especially astrology would incontrovertibly escalate the ease of voyaging through this book while its absence is in no way an abatement of the insight this book bestows upon the reader. A casual reading might suffice for an academician of astrology but for those who are not, this book reveals its gnostic secrets only when read with their philosophical eyes.

The epigraph ‘a new look at an old devil’ justly serves as the preface of this book. A new, positive and rightful approach of interpreting Saturn as a manifestation that leads to self-understanding rather than as a malefic planet is meticulously articulated in this book. The way this book deals with Saturn, can provide the reader necessary psychological strength for fearlessly facing the problems which he might encounter in the future. This book initially presents itself as one that deals with the presence of Saturn in the four types of signs: watery, earthy, airy and fiery, in their houses, in birth charts and in synastry. As the reader proceeds further into the book he would begin to realize the text’s relevance to various psychological aspects of people’s day-to-day lives.

Various emotional distresses, sorrows and psychological problems in a person’s life projected as consequences of Saturn’s presence might ridicule an astrology-disbeliever. However, the logical reasoning on the causation of these distresses backed by psychological analysis which was also discussed in this book would render him intrigued.

At places, especially where the reader’s Saturn position is discussed, and in case he finds some similarities with the problems and distresses analyzed, the pace of his reading might experience an upbeat. Otherwise the reader is expected to and also advised to progress at a sluggish rate and with required retrospection, as it is the only way of doing biblical justice to the book.

The scent of Roman mythology sprinkled at various places, filling the entire book with its fragrance is an additional delight for mythology lovers.

Finally, this book is a guaranteed treat for astrology lovers and those with sufficient familiarity with the subject. And from the standpoint of a reader with no prior knowledge in astrology, it can be said with considerable credence that the colossal amount of wisdom this book has in offering is assuredly worth all the conscious effort it cruelly demands.

Lakshmikanth Koundinya

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