Review : She Writes – A collection of short stories

July 5, 2013

Author: Collaboration with MSN (Short Stories)
Publisher: Random House India
Year: 2012
ISBN:  978-8184001242
Rating: ★★★★☆
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‘She Writes’ is a compilation of twelve fascinating stories written by twelve women coming from different cities of India, each one from a different background with intriguing stories to tell to all the readers. The book starts with an introduction by Preeti Shenoy, bestselling author of Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake. The book captivates you right there with her words at the beginning of the book.

If I place the collection of stories in a particular order I would certainly place them under different sets; the ones talking about the mundane events, those little things that matter the most but is left in the chaos of life. Let me highlight a few stories that are well written and keeps you curious enough to know its depth.

Sometimes it is ‘they’ or ‘their’ lives that can be mind boggling. You make an opinion about them or it turns out the other way around in your head. It is just human nature to get affected by the presence of others around. Konica’s story in Other People’s Lives by Anisha Bhaduri is a reflection of how ‘others’ can affect your perception of a picturesque life. Konica is silent but curious, and the feeling hits her by an illusion of her mind-bothering thoughts.

Whereas, White Chilly by Dr. Geeta Sandar talks about the saddening situation of struggling parents in the time when ‘bread and butter’ took the lead..and as life progresses with challenges, new generation is to be blamed for leaving behind their parents’ precious shoulders. This one caught my emotional streak, probably because the narration is so fine. It talks about the hardship of today’s parents and children that they have to go through at the cost of achieving success in life. But, what is the value of that achievement when in the end you have to sacrifice the nearness of your loved ones for your living? And, Yokemates by Sheela Jaywant reveals hidden entrepreneurial skills for Vijay by his domestic wife.

The other set of order would cover the ones with extraordinary events, those experiences which are meant to happen to leave a mark of magic. You can call them as your ‘heavenly moments’. Revelation by Apermeya Manthena fascinates readers by the story of an unnamed protagonist-She, who is romanticised by a tree and searches for a memory of her own in that lifeless, withered- Tree. In Winds of Indifferences by Shreya Manjunath, Ketki’s strong headed character helps her flee from the shackles of customs and values made for the honour of female gender. Whereas, in Mantras of Love by Yishey Doma explores Yangchen’s peculiar love in a Tibetan Monastery, but an unfortunate one. 

And the last order talks about the tragedies, the most bizarre events that can hamper the emotions in human forever. The Tourist by Jyotsna Jha depicts Michele’s visit to her mother’s native city. Her journey connects her to a man who mesmerize Michele to make her question her own home left behind. And, A Boston Brahmin by Belinder Dhanoa leaves you in knots yet with bizarre sense of Rina’s married life in a calm city of Boston.

On a critical note you may encounter that a couple of stories are built on a good plot, where as some loose the connection with characters or a situation. But one thing about the book impressed me the most is that it isn’t just by one author but written by some amazing people with a different style of writing, central theme being a ‘Woman’. ‘She Writes’ is the result of a contest held by Random House Publications in May 2012. I would suggest, fancy up your bookshelf and make a space for – She Writes.

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