Sir Rajini Norris V/s Jack Reacher – Review of The Affair by Lee Child

June 10, 2013
Author: Lee Child
Publisher: Random House India
Year: 2011
ISBN: 978038534432-6
Rating: ★★★½☆
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"Jack Reacher once made a journal, it is now called the Guinness Book of World Records"

Forget Rajinikanth, Sir Ravindra Jadeja and Chuck Norris! Make way for Jack Reacher !

If you are wondering who Jack Reacher is, he is cool headed, stoic, uncomplicated , not one to live by the rules, the quintessential "bawss" and oh, also the protagonist of this novel-"The Affair". Jack Reacher, a Major in United States Army Military Police Corps is the lead man in almost 18 of Lee Child's novels, called the Jack Reacher series. Jack Reacher can do no wrong, is the thought that comes across from these books.

In all humility, this ignoramus accepts that this is the first Jack Reacher novel she has read. But, better late than never. "The Affair" by Lee Child, is at its core a crime thriller. Set in 1997, the story opens with Reacher, our very own elite military cop being sent on a mission to investigate a woman's death in Mississippi. More killings follow, yet any details about the killer remain shrouded for Reacher to uncover. Throw in a beautiful county Sheriff, an army base located near the crime scene and that is "The Affair" for you.

The story is certainly fast paced and gives you the adrenaline rush every time a clue is unearthed. Also, Lee Child has the uncanny knack to make you put yourself in Reacher's shoes, which makes the book all the more compelling. But he doesn't come through with the description of the nitty-gritty of Mississippi ( I found myself yearning for more) Rather all the attention was focused on our literary superhero, Jack Reacher and his uncanny abilities. He is portrayed as a keen observer. His modus operandi to solve a case is to talk out the problem, with the suspects, as well as the bystanders and also, proper analysis of the timing and scheduling of events. (Fun Fact : Reacher doesn't need an alarm to wake up, he just knows it.)

The simple plot woven with twists and turns at entirely unexpected situations, reminds you why the novel is a Bestseller. Yet, the tale of a good guy hunting down the bad guy interspersed with a hot romance reminds me too much of James Bond. All said and done, one simply has to respect the way Lee Child has portrayed the protagonist. He almost makes you believe that Jack Reacher exists in flesh and blood !

My intuition and a little help from Wikipedia says all the novels in the Jack Reacher series would be similar in nature with the backdrop being different. But, let me figure that out, while you add "The Affair" to your summer reading list. After all, it is worth a read.

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