Review: Krishna and the Lake of Souls by Anurag Bhatt
Review / June 28, 2013

The lack of good fantasy fiction popping from the Indian land urged Mr. Anurag Bhatt to foray into the challenging domain of fantasy story-telling. Krishna and the Lake of Souls is a debut novel of Anurag Bhatt, belonging to the world of fantasy fiction. Though the attempt should be appreciated but those words of appreciation are enervated as the writing misses the mark by quite a margin.

Who is your “Big Daddy”?
Authors Exclusive / June 16, 2013

Right from the famous ad around the nineties "My Daddy Strongest" to till date "Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye", we have seen this father figure to stand by their kids like one good-n-strong wooden stick to make them sail though the woods and the storms.

Therefore, this time we have gone a bit out of the way to explore the love & gratitude of few of our authors towards their fathers and in doing so how do they visualize a fictitious cartoon character as their Big Daddy. Lets's hear them out and ya a very Happy Father's Day.