October 15, 2012
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Publisher: Penguin Psychology
Year: 2006
ISBN: 9780141014593
Rating: ★★★★☆
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Have you ever listened with your eyes?Yes,you did..and you are often inundated with many questions about how this happens.Here is the answer for all your questions..“BLINK”

The very thing about this book that caught my attention is its tag line “The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking” which solely made me to dig into this mine of introspective research and give its' epitome.Malcolm Gladwell focused his complete consciousness towards ascertaining and expounding the power of one's unconscious mind in making snap judgements.He carefully juggles different aspects related to this delicate part of one's mind which he calls “Adaptive Unconscious”.

Malcolm, in this psychology book gives a vivid picture of what happens behind the locked door of unconscious.In the first chapter itself Malcolm does a decent job by putting forward John Gottman's thoery of thin slicing thereby showing the actual process of superfast snap judgement in a mathematical versionby slowing it down by almost 100%.Malcolm also discusses the factors that influence the snap judgements through his threory of “Priming” which is elucidated by an experiment showing the impact of the environment to which a person is primed to ,on the way he behaves.

The author warns his readers saying that there is a risk of commiting mountain mistakes by wrongly interpreting the different inputs that we take through our eyes.He explains how marketing of many products is improved by merely targeting the customer's ineptitude in making the snap judgements ie.,by focusing on the external appearance of the product.

His journey through the ethereal concept of snap judgements followed by his lessons on “how to control the snap judgements so that they dont get misfired?”.And these lessons are better understood only when one reads the book cover to cover.

Even though the book demands a bit of patience, the author presents a good deal of experiments and his personal conversations at regular intervals which invokes interest in readers.So, are you ready to become an astute by judging everything you see at a “BLINK”.

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