Should feminists be excited about One Indian Girl, the new Chetan Bhagat book?

August 26, 2016
Writer: Chetan Bhagat
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9788129142146
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One Indian Girl is Chetan Bhagat’s latest novel, to be released in October. Mr.Bhagat will no doubt set the cash registers ringing; this time he may even please the literary snobs (some of them, perhaps!) Buy One Indian Girl here.

A new Chetan Bhagat book is like a tiny firecracker bursting on the Indian literary scene. Lots of people who would not describe themselves as ‘readers’ or ‘booklovers’ will pick up his novel as the one thing they do read. Others will launch themselves once more into their annual ‘he-just-can’t-write-his-books-are-trash’ tirade. And of course, Mr.Bhagat himself will make sure he’s in the news; this time, it’s for his twitter exchanges with Piers Morgan and his dancing skills in ‘beat pe booty’.

So, back to the new book…

Without further ado, then, here’s the blurb:

“Hi, I’m Radhika Mehta and I’m getting married this week. I work at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. Thank you for reading my story. However, let me warn you.

You may not like me too much. One, I make a lot of money. Two, I have an opinion on everything. Three, I have had a boyfriend before. OK, maybe two.

Now if all this was the case with a guy, one might be cool with it. But since I am a girl these three things I mentioned donโ€™t really make me too likeable, do they?”

In case you didn’t notice…

For the very first time, CB seems to have a female protagonist. And a (by the standards of some of his other work) badass one at that. A woman who works, who proudly proclaims that she has an opinion on everything AND that she has no issues that she’s reviled for it, who’s had relationships before. Who happens to be getting married.

Even the cover of the book has the silhouette of a woman on it. No man. None.

So, is Mr.Bhagat finally becoming a feminist?

That, of course, we can only tell after reading the book. The optimist in me hopes so. An author with a fan following of gigantic proportions can influence those fans, or at the very least make them think twice.

But if it turns out that the story is all about Miss Independent Thought being reined in by some guy who teaches her how to be more ‘womanly’ *retching sounds* then, well, CB, you still got a long way to go.

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Mugdha Wagle

Mugdha Wagle

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  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder August 26, 2016 at 4:40 PM

    Though I don't have much liking for CB, but this one sounds intriguing, really! Let's see what he has in store for us… ๐Ÿ™‚ 

    • Mugdha Wagle August 29, 2016 at 5:54 PM

      True, Maniparna! Do you think you’ll be reading this one?

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