Release : The Bankster by Ravi Subrahmanian

October 19, 2012
Author: Ravi Subrahmanian
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Year: 2012
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This is a big day for the book lovers in India. Especially,for those who love to read thrillers. The word "thrillers" reminds us a person who is recently ruling the book market in India. It is none other than Mr.Ravi Sbrahmanian. It is the long awaited release of his "The Bankster" that makes today special for many.

Ravi, with his long stint in banking sector is writing the banking chronicles which are practically sound and interesting. Skimming through his books we will have a motion picture running in our mind with a very creative screenplay. The magic in his writings is that he uses difficult english which is easy to understand. This speciality in his writings has attracted many Indian readers of all standards.

Also, Ravi is a person who has a strong intention to help new and budding writers for getting their books published.For this purpose he uses Facebook and Twitter as a medium which brought him a lot of following.He also posts many updates of the literary world on his facebook page which is very informative to the writer's community.

Lets hope his new book "The Bankster" takes him to the firmament of the literary world.

All the best Ravi..Its time to catch up your book release live..bye..

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