Review: Ananya: A Bittersweet Journey

March 27, 2015
Author: Shilpa Gupta
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9788129135148
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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Ananya is a 17-year-old nerd from Pune who finds happiness in her maths and science books and adores her friends. Her life goes on just like she has planned, which includes studying hard, preparing for her exams and school life. All is well in her small world until Rohit comes along and crumbles it.

She starts dating the charming US-returned Rohit, who also happens to be her BFF’s brother. They keep their relationship under wraps. The teenage idea of love soon takes over and she realises that she is head over heels in love with him. The dark hurricane of reality hits Ananya when Rohit returns to the US and she discovers that she is pregnant.

What follows after that leaves her shattered forever, as Rohit deserts her in the time of need. She also learns that Rohit came close to her only because he considered her a challenge. Her miscarriage soon ensues, and she faces panic, humiliation and loneliness. Going back to her school, meeting her school mates and other relatives turns out to be her biggest nightmare as society refuses to accept her after her ‘tainted’ actions.

Her real struggle iss not in dealing with people’s obnoxious behaviour and words; her real struggle lies in finding herself again, getting back her self-confidence and figuring out what comes next.


The book takes you for a wild ride as it is packed with emotions and questions about life and society. However, I do feel that there was a need to write more in order to justify the actions of Rohit and Amit (Ananya’s childhood friend). I felt a lack of character development for these two characters. Perhaps telling the readers more about them would have done justice to the plot. Overall a good book; Ananya’s magical transformation after several tragic months left me inspired.

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