Review: Private Vegas by James Patterson

March 24, 2015
Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Arrow Books
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781784750183
Rating: ★★★★☆
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It’s a given that if you are reading Patterson’s Private series, there is no time to breathe! If you do, you might miss a twist in the plot. His series are fast-paced in the real sense and there’s no lying about it. And Private Vegas, too, lives up to the reputation and gives the reader a total roller coaster ride in terms of story formation.

It is highly intriguing to learn that at every step, there is a surprise awaiting the readers. Jack Morgan, the smart investigator of Private Investigations, is very interesting and gives a complex character.

It happens in Vegas

Obviously based in Vegas, the stories revolve around several characters making each story closely knit, but without confusing the reader. Be it the multiple firebombings, Tommy, Jack’s evil twin’s vengeful behaviour, Jack’s love life drama, a rich tycoon’s confession of murdering his wife, or the two assaulters with diplomatic immunity, each story grips you.

The court proceedings of Jack’s buddy are so intelligently written that it’s bound to baffle, especially during the last hearing. There’s no rest to the reader’s mind; once the reading starts, it is mind-numbingly compelling.

Turn off

Out of the dozen characters, Val and Lori’s ends weren’t convincingly realistic. The way Val escapes the drowning car is, I feel, OTB dramatic and to a certain level, unworkable. In the case of Lori, this character just didn’t fit into the story from the beginning.


The way the story is written is marvelous and the way each character is tested and changes is phenomenal. All said, when the entire plot unfolds, it is bound to blow your mind.

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