Review: Can Love Happen Twice? by Ravinder Singh

January 27, 2014
Author: Ravinder Singh
Publisher: Metro Reads
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780143417231
Rating: ★★½☆☆
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Ravinder Singh’s sequel to I Too Had A Love Story follows up on Ravin’s life after a tragic event. However, the story’s progression does not go down well with our reviewer.

After reading I Too Had A Love Story, I had high hopes for Can Love Happen Twice?.  But alas! All my expectations went down the drain as I came to the end of this book.

In Can Love Happen Twice?, Ravinder Singh again introduces us to Ravin, who is coping with the death of his girlfriend Khushi. He then shifts to Brussels where he meets Simar, a rich and pampered girl with whom he falls in love. They get into a relationship but the girl seems to have commitment issues and that is pretty much what the story revolves around.

I wonder why the author even tried bothering to write a sequel. I Too Had A Love Story, for me, was a complete story in itself and I had no interest in knowing what happened next. Some things are best kept to one’s imagination, which was certainly the case here. But then he had to write this book, and this badly.

While his first book was sweet, honest and simple, this book is anything but. The author has taken a modern perspective in this book. He has included points like career and money, which are acceptable topics but then there was supposed to be some element of LOVE! This was clearly absent in this book. There was no depth in the love story. It seemed as if the book was made to depict the physical intimacy between the pair rather than finding true love.

The characters were very poorly developed. I have always loved how beautifully the author developed Khushi’s character in the previous book. You come to love her just by how he describes her. Here, inspite of having no major characters except for himself and his ‘love’, the author still has not developed her character at all.

One of things that disturbed me a lot were that the novel is written mostly as a day to day journal of Ravin’s life. You get to know what he is doing, when he is brushing, when he is boarding a bus, literally everything. There was practically no flow to the story. Another source of irritation was that the author wasted so much time boasting about his debut’s success that it became overwhelming in the wrong way.

The only saving grace to this amazingly boring and stale love story was that the author didn’t claim this one to be his own story.  Read it only if you really want to know what happens in Ravin’s life. Otherwise, do not waste your time and money.

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