Review: Engagement Formula by Ross Reck

December 21, 2013

Author: Ross Reck
Publisher: Westland
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9789383260096
Rating: ★★½☆☆
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When 88,600 employees, were studied for job satisfaction, it was found that only 26% were contributing their 100% to their job. Shocking!

The book ‘Engagement Formula’ is written by Ross Reck, who has previously penned many books, where he primarily focuses on improving the way the world does business. This book also follows the same path.

The book is all about a new leadership model that guarantees full employee engagement. The author has derived ‘the engagement formula’ that according to him if implemented into an organisation will result in revolutionary changes. The book is divided into six parts, in which the author separately explores the problem, cause and the solution. He also supports his point by providing case studies of companies in India and The United States.

An interesting aspect of the book is that the author presents bewildering statistics which immediately pins up the reader’s interest, and further reading of the book provides various keys to improve the current dismal scenario in trade and business.
The book is likeable in the beginning with examples supporting the author’s points. Some cases are fun to read. All the points are neatly arranged, and the author follows a step-by-step format in displaying his ideas. But as soon as you cross around 50 pages, monotony starts to set in.

The examples are repeated and most of the content is copied from the websites (with due acknowledgement). Even the author’s views are repetitive, and he fails to provide a clear view of things more often. The whole picture revolves around one thought, “The Company should function in employee interest, treating them as equal and involving them in decision making”. Some lines are repeated over and over again and eventually it became too hard to read and complete the book.

Though, the last pages gave some respite, as all the things were compiled and gives you something to think about. I will recommend the book to someone who will like to study in depth about employee’s behavior. One will surely learn about how the big companies do it. So, if you are completely free this weekend, go for this one.

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