Review: Hitched by Nandini Krishnan

December 3, 2013

Author: Nandini Krishnan
Publisher: Vintage Books
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9788184003734
Rating: ★★★½☆
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This is a collection of stories on the tradition of arranged marriage, taking a close look at its various aspects through the lens of varied experiences.

Hitched – The Modern Woman and Arranged Marriage is a take on arranged marriages by debutante author, Nandini Krishnan. The book is the first of its kind, and undoubtedly a good attempt.

It contains compilations of various experiences of people who decided to follow the arranged marriage route. The author has put in great effort while compiling the stories. She has made sure that the stories cover every possible scenario so that the reader is not baffled at the end. While the first few stories are a little monotonous, the remaining compensate for them. I really enjoyed reading some experiences. The best part of the book was the general compilations of the knowns and not-knowns of arranged marriages. The insecurities of people regarding spending their life with complete strangers to happy moments, from the horror stories to the wedding preparations; the author has captured them all.

The book turned out as it was expected to be- witty and humorous. Light humour stays till the last page, and the punch lines keep it moving. Though, of course, the book was not meant for a student, I found it very easy to understand. The author has used fluent language, and thus communicates her ideas effectively. The book does not keep you in fairy tale mode- it explores both sides of arranged marriages. While for some it was their instinct, for others it was a calculated decision. While some have completed a decade, there are some for whom it didn’t work out.

Anyone who is going for wedlock, whether arranged or not, should read this book. Do not treat it as a guide to married life, but more as a book of experience. It will surely lift off the bundle of insecurities and leave you with a smile.

You can follow the author’s blog here. Also, find a CNN interview of her here!


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