Review : How to Have a Beautiful Mind

January 21, 2013
Author: Edward de Bono
Publisher: Vermillion/ Random House
Year: 2004
ISBN: 9780091894603
Rating: ★★★★☆
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When I read Beauty and the Beast, I realised the other side of overt pictures. If only the apparent beauty could take us to every possible height in life, words and mind would just be like silent companion. Yes, the beauty lies in a pure wisdom. Somehow, I agree with the saying that being presentable and dressed is itself a sign of humbleness. But what happens when the mind is an empty bowl! Humans can please others in many ways. It is true that what is seen is always appealing and catches the eye of others. Hence, the ugliness is criticized. In such a case, how long the made- up doll beauty would last long, sense of humour will be judged later. . Edward de Bono is neither preaching nor giving-out any ordering statements in/through his self-help book- ‘How To Have A Beautiful Mind’. He is just trying to do a makeover of the mind by conveying some dos and don’ts in making conversation(s), argument(s), balancing IQ & EQ and many other cognitive facets.

Edward de Bono is regarded as the father of Lateral thinking and Creativity. His words and experiences always do flick the chords of creative thinking within you and has been the originator of this abstraction ‘Lateral and Conceptual thinking’.

The most catching slant by Dr Edward de Bono is his articulation of – Six Thinking Hats. In de Bono’s big idea, it is a tool of parallel thinking that would enhance the efficiency of working skills. Keeping aside the standard definitions, they can be christened as six colored metaphorical thinking hats:

The White Hat: The factuality of things.

The Yellow Hat: Optimism is the key.

The Black Hat: Stay away from ‘critical thinking’.

The Red Hat: Where EQ is valued more than human’s IQ.

The Green Hat: The lateral thinking; creations and innovations.

The Blue Hat: The thought process as a guiding light.

Hence, Healthier and Happier life!

His words of wisdom are explanations to every argument, engagement and human conversation in terms of creative solutions, benefits and risks. Sometimes, these self-help books are hard to convince reader’s presumptions, particularly when one seeks pure learning out of such writings but subjective and opinion based statements will surely lead to disagreement at some level or other. The critique side of me would say the repetition of methods and applications in the book could have been avoided; the book becomes way too methodological in nature.

It is true, no writing is complete without a little critique. The flaws are always to be judged, beneath meaning is what remains to be discovered and rejoiced. Well, ironically it simply explains the beautiful mind takes a journey of words and understating to build the beautiful path of thinking and paving relationships.

Quoted by de Bono, “ A beautiful body and a beautiful face age and grow old. A beautiful mind does not age and, in fact, can become ever more beautiful”.

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