Review : Arranged Love – Parul A Mittal

January 19, 2013
Author: Parul A Mittal
Publisher: Penguin metro reads
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9780143418825
Rating: ★★★½☆
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Losing one’s job, that too at Lehman Brothers is nothing unusual when you think about the late-2000s global financial crisis, but will surely strike the right chord for you as a reader (as it did for me) when our girl takes the centre-stage along-with her Indo-American so-called the eternally true lover and a disgusting-at-first-sight prospective typical IITian suitor.

As the story progresses, it would not be hard to speculate that it’s just going be yet another previously-known narration by an IITian (the author here I mean). But the moment I went through the ‘Acknowledgements’ chapter i.e. the last one, the very first thing which struck me (regarding this book titled "Arranged Love" by Parul A Mittal), was an idea of asking Mrs Mittal to go for making a movie based on this book. Yeah, am seriously admitting it.

The different chapters, arranged as a beautiful queue to take me in-&-out through 'So-Honey's Gemini' type character was one wonderful journey. Amid the junctions of crests and troughs revolving around our happy-go-lucky protagonist with her best friend-cum-cousin-sister and her childhood 'most-understanding & test-drive frenzy' friend (you will get to know it, once you are into reading this piece), the tagline "Can It Get More Complicated" aptly justifies the confusion many-a-times, the youth heavily undergoes, specifically when it cascades down to selecting the batter-half of theirs.

The detailed descriptions, right from 'chilling-down-the-spine' craving for some more love to the Google Search of 'Can the typing sound reveal the message being typed?' connected me more as a reader of a true story rather than a fiction, added by the cherry-picked words which crisply described the emotions anyone would actually go-through while passing-by a dilemma phase of discovering true-love. The behaviour of a typical Indian internet-savvy groom-hunting dad i.e. My Girl is the Best & She deserves the Best, compliments the scenario with a Farmville-addict homely mom (who holds the command of their home-sweet-home) & mausi-ji having Pinki, Chinki and Dinki as her ''Sarvgun-Sampan' product lines, for which I couldn't help myself from laughing-out-loud.

Conclusively, this racy comedy about exploring true love is surely going to engross the reader into a simulated environment of Suhaani & Deep and am sure would leave them to ask for nothing but more may be a next part as-well. And as far as I am concerned, won’t mind if Mrs Mittal asks me to contribute in any way while making this beautifully crafted fiction into something called ‘A Celluloid Version’.


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