Review: Right Fit, Wrong Shoe by Varsha Dixit

June 5, 2013
Author: Varsha Dixit
Publisher: Rupa & Co.
Year: 2009
ISBN:  9788129115232
Rating: ★★★½☆
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I’d picked up this book from a stand at the railway station while I was returning home from a trip. I’d finished all the books lying in my bag and I was browsing in the stand for a book which would both be light on my pocket and satisfy my appetite! Suddenly the bright yellow cover of this book caught my attention. I liked what I read on the back cover and a few random pages in between and bought the book.
The story, set in the town of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, is about Nandini, a middle-class girl with a job at an advertising agency, and Aditya, a rich businessman’s son her next-door neighbour-how they start out bickering with each other from their first meeting, fall in love, part ways because of a series of misunderstandings and fall in love again at the end. The story alternates between the present and the past-the past being the series of events which lead to the pair’s fallout with each other. The past is presented in a series of flashbacks.
There’s a lot of Bollywood masala in this book (I can’t imagine anyone in the real world behaving as Aditya does-lifting Nandini’s boss Rochak by his shirt-collar and slamming him into a wall!). Also, the titles of the chapters are either Bollywood movie names or one-liners. And, there is no dearth of characters. We have Nandini and Aditya’s families, Nandini’s chaddi-buddy (and her co-worker) Sneha and her family, various members of Nandini’s office and lots more.
Overall, this book is quite good for a light read-no major twists or turn, the plot is relatively simple. And it does manage to give you a good amount of laugh, albeit in the melodramatic B-town ishtyle!

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