Review : The Corporate Sufi

January 13, 2013
Author: Azim Jamal
Publisher: Jaico Books
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9788179925201
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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When you are doing things for the first time, things take longer to get done. However, once you have gone through that initial hurdle, things become a lot easier. I am sure you have experienced this when you first used ‘simple’ things like a scanner, or Blackberry, iPod or iPad, Skype or webinar. However, once you figure it out and do it once, all the anxiety disappears. Life is analogously collateral. When you overcome challenges year in and year out they become less unsettling. You begin to somewhat thrive on them and at times you get your best work out during those ‘crises’.

Mr. Azim Jamal through his guide book ‘The Corporate Sufi’ has creatively examined the uncommon connection between the age-old Sufi philosophy and contemporary lifestyle in the 21st century using Sufi messages and parables, illustrating the adaptation of Sufi principles, which has the potential of setting a corporate being holistically fulfilling, meaningful, and spiritually enriched. Cherry-picking from his 20 years of vast experience in professional life, the author elucidates practical tips on how to: fuse your life’s mission with your corporate mission without losing the balanced grip alongside work, family, and spiritual needs. No wonder countless number of people are aware of such a balance to be maintained, but it’s sympathetic to know that the understanding & implication of these golden messages’ usage, remains at the lowest level ever, may be. Talking of the Sufi faith in the unknown when navigating uncharted corporate territory link, the instrumental tool of Sufi search for the essence to the search for the corporate soul is just by eliminating the ego in order to become a selfless corporate leader, reach the top of your corporate ladder without giving up your ethics and principles, by excavating the inner meaning, fulfilment and inner happiness; which the author wants every reader to realise and bestow upon their real-time activities.

Just think, when economic growth is used as the measurement for the success of our species above all other attributes, you know we are headed in the wrong direction. Wars are promoted through media propaganda in order to manufacture the necessary support so the military industrial complex can protect its profit margins. And most people mistakenly accept this as a way to contribute to their patriotic duty. They don't think outside of the limits that have been given to them. We are taught you can vote left or right but don't dare even question the validity of the system itself. Then isn’t it the high time when every soul upon this planet should start thinking for oneself. At this juncture, all we need to do is climb out and see what’s all around us instead of staring at the walls that enclose us for the everlasting messages & parables are going to be much handy than anything else in a concretely supportive manner.

One message (particularly striking when I draft this piece) from the movie ‘Oh My God’ clearly makes a mockery of this existing system of humanity stating “These people are god-fearing not god-loving” and believe-it-or-not that’s the truth. Why can’t we just make these divine personalities our friends and just as we do & act upon any other friend’s advice, so we can seek help of these powerful ladies & gentlemen as-well. So, as per the author’s action plans, firstly we should be god-conscious at all times by imagining that they are omnipresent in all our corporate activities. Secondly, it is very important & is obvious that acknowledgement has always been a signpost of God; respect for others is respect for that divine soul. Next what Mr Jamal has tried to pass on is about keeping a big heart & overlook minor shortcomings i.e. to see good in others as much as you can. Finally, the piece of wisdom asks to expand one’s horizon as far as you can, both vertically and horizontally which surely will help one to realize to be alert, aware of the belief “There is more than what is apparent”.

Conclusively the book has been able to encourage me (at-least), to apply the Corporate Sufi principles in my daily life and to mention a few, here they are: • Find your purpose • Embrace a Principle-centred Approach • Make a Difference • Embrace Life-Long Learning • Have faith in the Unknown-Unexplained • Preserve • Balance your Life • Tame the ego • Understanding Life and Death

These learning are universal and surely practical, being founded on love and shall act as a bridge between our personal and corporate lives. What we refer as corporate boscage can be made to a happier, peaceful, and loving place where each person will be given the space with equal opportunity to cultivate his or her potential for lives that shall not only be materially rewarding but spiritually enriching as-well. May God bless us all.


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