Review : The Scarlet Pimpernel

December 15, 2012
Author:Baroness Emmuska Orczy
Publisher: Random house
Rating: ★★★★½
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Are you a big fan of “batman” or “Zorro”?

If the answer is yes, then this novel is for you.

There are numerous of mystery and adventure novels in the market. Each and every one of them is unique in itself. Amongst them, there is a novel which is one of the jewels in this genre. In the year 1903, the novelist Baroness Orczy first entertained the audience with the play having the same plot, and then in 1905, it was succeeded by the novel.

The concept of “disguised hero” is taken in this novel. All an all an exciting read- though when I was reading – the main suspense was easily guessable, when I reached the quarter of the novel. Though the mystery was easily unfolded, but still it has that spark that binds the reader to itself. The whole scenario is so intense that the reader will feel the tension with the characters. The novel is inspired by some history facts and figures too. Some of the real historical figures which were in the novels are Georges Danton and Jean-Paul Marat who happened to be very prominent persons in the French revolution.

This is set when there was terror in the heart of the royal families and the streets were owned by the mob.

The sneak preview of this novel is- A lady escapes from the Paris, but her husband is left behind. She is brought to England, where she arrives at the Fisherman's Rest inn. There she meets young men who are part of the League of the Scarlet pimpernel, the mystery in this novel is, who that leader is?

The “finale” takes place in France, where the main players desperately race to save a person, who happens to be brother of one of the lady in the novel.

The book makes the reader so engrossed in its whole story that it is next to impossible to put the book down.

This scene is the place- where the real identity is revealed.

One of the plus points is its narrative flow. The author had represented its story and characters very strongly with maintaining its steady flow.

Many of us are great fan of superheroes, particularly heroes having secret identity. This novel was the first to represent this. Overall, it is an amalgam of romance, suspense and a cycle of adventure. So, it can be called as a special treat to all who loved to read thrillers, or suspense novels.

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