Review – When The Signal Turns Red by Jayanand Ukey

April 19, 2013
Author: Jayanand Ukey
Publisher: Alchemy Publishers
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9788180460852
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
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Simple, Plain and Clear. These were the words I was thinking about this storytelling, which struck me while turning pages of Jayanand Ukey’s first-ever work “When The Signal Turns Red”. Well, if you ask me to take you further deep, the only suggestion I have for you is just go & read it, as it’s a very simple story being told in even a simpler language. The author explains, in a textbook type manner – light introduction, that the common thematic denominator (bride’s father being the boss) has its own complex interstices of the age-old love relationship, but its fun always. The larger portion of narrative is presented from the perspective of third person just like any movie, constantly keeping you on-toe from the mansion of Chitres’ to the typical one bedroom Govt. of India sponsored quarter of Khedekars’; allowing you to know more of these young engineers.

The emotional touch of a mother about her daughter i.e. Mrs Chitre, who gets to feel more-n-more insecure thinking about her daughter’s future at every encounter with the prospective in-laws, is nothing new but sometimes even the old wine in a new bottle makes you feel good. She recounts their tender/bitter relationship at different stages of their lives, ranging from childhood innocence to early-marriage proposals, and then to this engagement. On the other hand Mr Chitre sounds like one typical Bollywood Father searching for the best groom for her daughter as per his limited visibility, the only twist being that he readily agrees to marry her only daughter with Girish upon knowing his well-educated family background (which includes their new home at Navi Mumbai and Mr Protagonist’s job with DCL).

To say about the scenario at the 1 BHK quarter, upon hearing about his only son’s love interest to marry the beautiful Prajakta (his college-mate), Khedekar senior re-visits those early days on his own only to recollect some of the wonderful experiences he & his better half had being the parents of Girish and happily agrees to meet The Chitre for taking this matter forward. It’s always a say that Girls are always a bit more close to their father and the boys to their godly mothers but Mr Ukey has taken it the other way round which in actual sense helped me to relate it with myself (am more close to my father) and kept-on chuckling by thinking about such a scenario, which if ever comes up in my life will lead me to do what & how?

The love birds had never thought of marriage, at-least not before 2 years down the line when they get to join DCL & Geomsys on the first of upcoming next month, having quite good bank-balance to convince each-other’s in-laws. But here comes-in a twist which compels them to disclose their eternal love before the Chitres’ and Khedekars’. Eventually their love gets a threat (as-usual like any Bollywood movie) only to recover, establish its presence and to end-up on the happy note i.e. they live happily ever after type.

Well, it clearly gave me an idea about the butterfly-effect; a crisis in USA stock market leading to wreckage in one Aamchi Mumbai engagement, nevertheless, It Happens Only In India.

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  • anonymous April 19, 2013 at 9:25 AM

    this was well written in “simple,plain and clear” words…. but could have been a bit more brief.

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