The Experience of Buying Books Online

December 24, 2012

Ever felt this craving to possess a book? Ever gone hunting for it all over the city? And ever been disappointed at not finding it? Well… here’s a simpler alternative, that won’t take you much time and will also get you what you want as well… ONLINE SHOPPING!

Imagine, you are walking through a lane which houses a Crossword outlet and you see a sign at the window which says ‘sale on all books – 20% off’.  You go absolutely ballistic and do a little jig right in the middle of the road. You start listing out all the books that you have heard about and want to buy. Especially, ‘Casual Vacancy’ that you have been dying to get your hands on, and have been waiting for the price to reduce from Rs. 800/- The sad part is that, you have just spent your last 500bucks on a pizza ‘coz you were starving, and now all you can do is window shopping. You slowly retrace your steps from the entrance of the shop and walk away disheartened…

You reach home and you have a parcel waiting for you at your doorstop! You are so upset that you don’t even wait to read what it is, you simply rip it apart! When you see what it contains, you cannot help but smile! It’s the same ‘casual vacancy’! A tiny little note says – ‘go have a blast sister, luv bhaiyya!’ Your brother just sent you a parcel from some 300miles away! You go back to the parcel cover that you just ripped apart and it says – “ORDERED ONLINE!”

You rush upstairs, immediately switch on the computer,  and log into google and your fingers automatically type in the keywords of ‘online books shopping’! An entire site filled with books pops up and you type in ‘Casual Vacancy’ – Rs. 493/- Ofcourse! ONLINE SHOPPING! Why did you never try it before!? You knock yourself on the head and then you sit and check out all the other books you have had an eye on. Then and there, you end up ordering five books just for Rs. 385/- WOW! The most awesome part… they give you the option of ‘COD’ – Cash On Delivery!

Its like a book lovers paradise online! A virtual store that makes your life even more wonderful. IndiaBookStore has made it even more easier considering the fact that you don’t have to go hunting for various sites to locate and compare book prices. You can get it all at one place, be it Flipkart, Homeshope18, Amazon or Infibeam! You also get the information of how many in-stock books are available. It also gives you awesome and knowledgeable reviews which will help you decide in which book you can invest!

Last year, I had this crazy notion to play santa during Christmas… I have a bunch of friends and I wanted to gift them something special! But then the biggest problem that everybody faces – ‘how to choose a gift!’ So what I ended up doing was, I made a list of my favourite books. They ranged from ‘Little Women’ to ‘I too had a love story’, from ‘Chicken Soup’ to ‘Five point someone’! I had heard a lot about ordering books online, and this was my perfect excuse. And the best part… I got them all at a great deal due to the x-mas bargain offers!

Ever since then, I have been buying my books online! I browse through the categories, I see a book I like, I read its synopsis, I like it, I order it! No hassles of hunting the book at various outlets, no tiresome journeys to the bookstores, no disappointments when you find out that they are out-of-stock!

You Google the book, log in to a website, locate your book, add it to your cart and simply click –  ORDER! Complete the personal details, fill in you shipping address and within a couple of days, you have your baby home!

It’s always a pleasure to buy a book for yourself, and the feeling of walking through the neatly organized isles of a bookstore is simply unbeatable! But when you are busy with your school/ college/ office life and at the end of the day you wished you could simply relax your muscles with a nice cup of coffee and some interesting story, and it strikes you that you don’t have the latest editions of anything new, online shopping is simply unavoidable.

After a year of online shopping, it has become so much convenient for me that even if I happen to like a book at a shop, I still go home and buy it online, the major reason being that I always get it at a cheaper rate! When I come home dog tired from college, and I have a tiny little parcel awaiting me… My entire day just brightens up in a second and leaving behind all my tiredness, I simply crave to cuddle up with my new book that I just ordered online! 

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